The big boys room

I've been slowly working on turning the boys nursing/catch all room into a "big boy" room for them. I painted their room when I was pregnant with Triston which was 3 1/2 years ago. The walls got dirty looking from our wood stove downstairs. I painted some trees last winter to try to hide the ugly walls but wanted a fresh clean look now. 

There's only so many ways I can arrange the furniture in this room since it is so small and have decided I like this way the best. 

What do my boys like you ask? Well of course you aren't because it's all over their room! Superheroes like every other little boy. But I must say, Skylar likes super heros (mostly iron man) way younger than Triston ever did. But I didn't want it to scream "Kmart" bedroom. In tried to do touches of them here and there instead. 

This basket of "weapons" above use to be my nephews when he & my sister and their family lived here in Alaska a couple years back. And it's use is still being used as a weapons basket haha. 

I try to display just a couple toys at different spots around the house and rotate them out. The boys will always grab these first before diving into their basket of toys. 

Yes my children have a tv in their bedroom. I know many moms who would look very down on me for this but I don't care. 😉

My mom found this work bench at a consignment store for $15 the other day! The boys love that the saw actually turns on and makes lots of noise. And boy do I mean lots of noise! 

Some Sky's factories stuffed animals.

I have been wanting a shelf for books in their room for some time now. But Ikea doesn't ship to Alaska and my small town didn't have any book shelves in my price range. Found this at Lowes on sale for $12! It's for the pantry to put canned foods in but works perfect for some of their books! 

Well there's their tiny room, hope you enjoyed! 

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