No sleep

Last week I started really thinking about the last time I slept an entire night without waking up. I remember I did once this last winter and it was amazing! But pretty much it's been 3 years of waking up a couple times during the night. I know I'm a mom and that's our job but can I get an amen to being tired?! 

We live in a small house with two small bedrooms. The boys share one which is why I haven't gotten much sleep lately. Triston is a sleep talker and a sleep walker. Triston will either sleep walk into our room and go sleep in the bed of blankets I put out every night or crawl into bed with me. The other thing that happens is Triston will sleep talk causing skylar to wake and cry which wakes Triston up and that leads to him crying as well haha. I don't mind him coming in and sleeping on our floor or snuggling me, I know I'll miss this in a few years. The thing I can't stand (sorry sweetie I love you) is that Triston will push, elbow and kick me over until he has half the bed or tells me to lay on the ground. We have a queen size bed which is big but with two guys taking up each half of the bed leaves me on my side trying not to move. I try to move him back to his bed once he's asleep or on to the floor bed but sometimes I'm just so tired I fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions. 
So what do I do? I heard kids who sleep talk and sleep walk are stressed but Triston is a happy kid. Jon and I don't argue in front of him, he is smothered with kisses all day long from us and other family members. I have been giving him Calm magnesium at night and hoping it helps with the restless sleep he has. Baths before bed, books, and back rubs. I also bought him a night light and he's pretty stoked about it! 

Do any of you have tips that you did for your kids? For sleep walkers and talkers? 
I'd love to one day say I slept through the night sooner then later. 


Sunday >>

Sunday >>
Today was one of those "we did nothing, yet everything" kind of day. It was another cloudy/rainy day but turned into a beautiful night with the sun shining.

Coffee, pancakes & eggs started off our morning before kissing Jon goodbye for yet another concrete pour. He had 3 big pours this weekend so we haven't gotten to spend much time with him. I ran to the gym for a morning workout while my mom watched my boys. Then came back to the house and got us ready for church. Todays message came out of Psalms 23 and it couldn't of been at a better time. Always nice to know that God is always looking after me. 

After that we went to Alaska land to see my brother and get some food. He was in the BBQ completion this year at the governors luncheon. I haven't seen AK land so packed in a long time. We ate and let the boys run wild...and boy did they run wild! 

We pretty much didn't get one "good" photo but I like real life photos where their crazy wild personalities show. 

Cleaning, laundry, cooking and laying in bed snuggling Triston while watching YouTube videos of funny animals took up the rest of the afternoon. Then we had our Sunday night family & friends BBQ out at my parents barn. We are so blessed to have good friends and lots of memories made this summer by just our Sunday night bbqs. 

Side note--> love my mom so much!

The boys came home, washed up and got their pjs on. I took this picture and within 5 minutes they were both passed out. Sweet dreams my boys. Muah! 


The Friday 5 favorite blog

This may be the most random Friday 5 Favorites ever! I have a lot of stuff around the house that I always think would be fun to share with other moms/women that actually work or save me a few extra minutes during the day. Well here they are!

1. Mary Kay Make-up remover
This stuff really works! I have bought pretty much every makeup remover that Fred Meyers sells and it either didn't take all my make up away, was oily, or made my eyes turn bright red. A few months back I was given a sample of this and loved it and had to buy it. I've never been one to buy stuff from Mary Kay before but I am now a Mary Kay fan! This bottle is only $15.If you have a friend who sells it get them to order it for you or click here to buy it!

 2.Williams Sonoma Apple peeler/corer
My mom had one of these growing up and a few years back she bought me one for Christmas. My husband/dad love apple pies (what man doesn't) and 9 out of 10 times for their birthdays I make them an apple pie. It takes me start to finish to peel 8 apples and core them mmmm about 4 minutes? This is one of those items that you buy and will have forever! I know there are all different kinds of them out there but I love this one and how basic it is. Check it out here and again it's only $30! 

 3. Growing your own green onions
This was a Pinterest win here! All you have to do is buy a bunch of green onions, cut the greens off, stick them in water, and there you go green onions forever! Okay so maybe not forever, but I've this green onion growing back for about 2 months now. I change the water every other day and once they get about this long I cut them and put them in the fridge. 

 4. Jamberry Nail wraps
I feel kind of funny putting these up because I sell them, but they are my favorite! I always said I'd never sell stuff like this, but here I am, a Jamberry consultant telling you these actually work! They take about 20 minutes to apply, but stay up to 10-14 days. I usually take mine off around 10 days because my nails grow really fast and you can see my new nails coming in. But you get 2-3 (I got 4 once) applications out of one of these sheets. I'm a mom of 2 boys who love playing outside in the dirt and a personal dishwasher so my hands get worked and these stay! Also, there's almost 300 different styles to choose from! Come on click here to see them!

 5. Every Woman's Marriage book
I have been in a lot of woman's book groups, small groups, bible study groups over the years and this is my favorite by far. I read Every Woman's Marriage by Shannon Ethridge right after I got married by myself, then two years later I did a small group on this book. Right now I have started it over. You're probably asking why I've read it so many times? Because I'm at a different season in my marriage then I was 5 years ago and this book goes through these different "seasons" which apply to me now when they didn't a few years ago. There's everything from how men need respect and what that looks like in a marriage to making sure you don't try finding your identity in only your husband. It's a must read for all women! If you want to order a copy click here

Well I hope you enjoyed my Friday 5 Favorites, sorry they were so scattered and all over but I hope you can check some of them out! From one mom to the next, here you go! 


The one about encouraging each other blog

What makes you happy? I don't know about you but babies, puppies, flowers and cup cakes make me happy! Something else that really makes me happy is good company. You know those friends or family members that really build you up when you're together and you come home that night feeling refreshed. This blog is about just that.

A couple of years ago when Jon and I were living in Mexico a guy told me something that really hurt me and stuck with me for years. He said  "Stephanie, it seems like you haven't really experienced anything or been through a lot, you've just read about other people who have". Now I know you only let people make you feel a certain way but for some reason I just couldn't shake this statement. I know that I haven't had a "hard life" but I have been through some stuff and learned a lot on the way. I may be young but I've always been called an "old soul". Why am I talking about this you ask? It's not for me to list all my hardships and trials but to talk about what words do to people. 

For the past few months I've really been working on what I say to people. Am I lifting them up with my words or bringing them down? After an old high school friend passed away this spring I went to his memorial service and one of the things everyone said was that this guy always made time to listen to you. He always made you feel like you were special and you always walked away feeling better about yourself. I would love people to make people happy in that way where they feel better after hanging out with me. But I want to do this not as an act, I want this to become part of my character. I feel one of the most important ways is to stay close to God and ask him for that love. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing". 

Something that Jon and I really are trying to do in life is live out what Heidi Baker says "Stopping for the one". Heidi Baker is an amazing woman, she's 100% my role model. She has given up her life for Jesus. She lives 1/3 of the year in Mozambique Africa, and the other 2/3 traveling around the world speaking. She has started thousands of churches, orphanages and her ministries feeds thousands and thousands of orphans a day. She even gave my boys their middle names Triston Jonathan Paz Wall and Skylar Jeffrey Ezra Wall. 
To find out more about her click here ==> https://www.irisglobal.org/ 

So back to this stopping for the one idea. I call Jon the "crazy homeless man" like the "crazy cat lady" who can't go to the pound without bringing a cat home, because every time Jon goes to the dump he either picks up a homeless man and brings him to coffee, breakfast or another place in town. He stops for just that one guy and listens to their story. 

 A few weeks ago he made friends with one of the guys there who lives right behind the dump. He would say hi to him and listen to him ever so often, then one day he told Jon that he needed to get to Anchorage because he heard his daughter was in the hospital. Jon bought him a bus ticket and sent him on his way. A couple days later he called Jon on the phone. He told Jon that since coming to Anchorage he got a real job but knew he couldn't afford to pay Jon back for the bus ride. Jon said no I don't want you to pay me back it was a gift. The man then told him that he had some canned food left and wanted to donate it all to Joels Place where our ministry is at. 

I don't know about you but this man had nothing and it really touched Jon and I that he wanted to give what little he could. I admire my husband for this, that he makes time to stop for the one, listen, and encourages them. I hope I can be like that one day. 

I'm sure you know woman who rag about their husbands every time you get together right?

Okay so I'm not trying to say I'm a saint over here, but I really try not to talk bad about my husband to my girlfriends. I have about two girls who I confide in knowing that they will pray for me if I'm having an issue but that's about it. I also try to always uplift my husband to his face. I know that sounds funny but sometimes I feel what I say to Jon impacts him. I'm the closest person to him (as he is to me) so shouldn't I be the voice of love and encouragement? We use to be super sarcastic to each other where it would go too far, so now we try to just be a little sarcastic at times and after 5 years of marriage I think we are at a good place. 

Now we come to my biggest area of practicing encouragement at all times. Which is my boys. I read some quote that went something like "what you say to your kids today becomes their inner voice". And that really hit me. Now that I have a toddler who thinks he's an adult, acts like a teenager with the vocabulary of a 3 year old I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes! 
And other times I'm all....

But like superman and spiderman (can you tell I have boys?) I have a responsibility to uphold. And that is to be a parent who teaches their kids the right and wrongs and prays they did a good job. Triston is too smart for his own good, and knows what's going on at all times. He is very sensitive to what I say and what Jon says. We turned the corner to just keeping the kids alive to actually having to parent. I see such a light in Tristons eye's when I tell him good job, you're such a big helper, ect. I truly want to be that voice my boys hear when they are in his 20's or 40's and think they can't do something but then they hear my voice and know they can. 

I don't want to be an inner voice for anyone years later like that guy was for me. I want to be a positive role model in any way possible and I feel it starts with my words.

Here's to encouraging each other in every way!