The million picture blog

This summer has just started and we have been on the go ever since it got semi nice outside. I told myself this spring that we wouldn't plan a ton of things but just go where ever the wind takes us. Well that hasn't been the case yet but we have had so much fun so far! Play dates (which I always feel weird saying since it's not like my kids are dating the other kids they are playing with.... but it's the hip new things to say when you get together with other moms and their children haha), many many many trips to Alaska Land aka Pioneer Park, concerts, weddings, and family time! 

First off, we had Cityfest! It was a big christian based event that takes place all around the world, and we were lucky enough to have it come up here to Fairbanks. Andrew Palau came up to talk and there were a lot of local bands that played and of course Toby Mac finished! It was so neat seeing so many people from every different churches put their differences aside and work together to put this event on. Jon and I were surprised when Toby Mac was singing then all of a sudden showed up right behind us on another tiny stage. We had front row "seats" while he sang some of his older songs that we grew up to.


Like I said before, we have been going to Alaska Land, the local park multiple times a week since it got nice out. I figured I should put all our Alaska Land photos in one bunch on here. Okay so Alaska Land is called "Pioneer Park" now and has been for years, but if you're from Fairbanks it's kind of a given that you call it Alaska Land still. There's some rumors floating around that they are going to change it back to Alaska Land since so many people complain about the name change, but I think they are just rumors. Alaska Land has two kid play grounds, swings, a train for them to ride on, food cabins, volleyball sand courts, and a few other fun things to do there. I love how Triston and Skylar act as if we go to Disney Land when we go there, it's the little things in life that make kids happy and I'm so glad for that.  





Who doesn't love rolling down this hill as a kid? I remember it so much bigger....

My sister & her kids came up for almost 2 weeks and just left yesterday. It was so fun having them here and I miss them already. Triston never stopped playing for those two weeks it seemed like, and cried so hard when I told him they left yesterday. It broke my heart seeing him love somebody already at his age and as his heart broke for his cousins mine did too. But we made so many memories while they were here! I feel we did a ton of stuff but at the same time we just hung out together and enjoyed each other. My sister is my best friend who I tell everything to and having her here again made me miss living right next to her.

Brody wanted to read the Harry Potter books so of course we had to take a trip to the local book store to get them! 

We were both bridesmaids in a friends wedding that took place right next door. It was a weekend full of decorating, dinners, and dancing. Dylan and Elora were the cutest bride and groom ever. She came in on her horse at the wedding and the look in Dylans eyes looking at his bride brought everyone to tears. They are perfect for each other and we were so honored to be a part of their big day.


I must say, I have a beautiful family


Triston got to dancing right away



Here are a ton of random photos in no time sequence, enjoy!


He's always a trooper taking pictures with me
We got to go on a few dates while my sister was here!


My brothers birthday party was so much fun!!
                         Barns & Nobel dates followed by my sister getting a tattoo!


UAF has a beautiful botanical garden with a kid friendly part. Mazes, tunnels, and forts for the kids to play in. To say the least the kids loved it and so did we! I can't wait for another hot day to head back up there!


My mom and half her grandkids

Saturday night Jami and I were going to do the midnight sun run but at the last second we decided we were tired and didn't want to run 6.4 miles at 10pm. So Jon and I went on a date to the shooting range instead.
Looking for loot to shoot up at the dump

Love my new gun!
The last day they were here we decided to have some worship outside at the barn. Jon played his guitar and my dad led a small talk about Moses. 



After that we went the Solstice street fair downtown to get lunch but man was it packed! It was fun seeing a ton of people I haven't seen in years and having them meet our boys.


Triston climbing the wall. I want to get him some rock climbing shoes so he can come with us climbing!

My boys all matched

Later that night we biked to my brothers house for one last dinner with all our family. Beautiful night for a ride.


Triston passed out that night as soon as we got home but he couldn't let go of his balloon. Oh how I love this boy!