Meals :)

Ive been wanting to share more recipes of this new way to eat, the "semi-raw" diet, but then I always feel like "who actually wants to see my poorly taken pictures of food?" And have been putting off sharing, until a sweet post that happened this morning. A girl who I feel I've known most of my life through friends tagged me in a picture of a recipe I shared and that her and her boyfriend are starting the "semi-raw" food journey too now. Jon looked at me and said "You feel pretty good about yourself dont you?" And I replied back "YES I do actually! I inspired one person to eat healthier". So I feel that today would be a great day to share a few more of my meals. I have been trying not only to make healthy meals but to have them taste great too. Many turned out good, some failed. I am still feeling so much better, but I have to admit, I relapsed on Easter and had candy, like a lot...and I felt so gross that night. It was almost good for me to see that putting all that sugar in my system only harmed me. I told Jon that I felt white sugar is like sin, tastes great while you're eating it, but an hour later you are left feeling crappy with a stomach ache haha. I am not craving any sugar this week which is great considering I craved sugar for about a month. I still feel my energy levels rising, even when I don't get a ton of sleep. Might also be because I stopped nursing last week or a combo of both :) 

 So here's a couple meals I've made this past week. Nothing fancy, and when I buy food I try to buy stuff that I can work with all week that goes together. 

Homemade granola with coconut milk & strawberries
PlPlain yogurt with honey, peanut butter chia seeds and a green apple
green juice
spinach salad with hard boiled egg and cilantro, brussel sprouts sweet potato fries, red onion.

spinach salad with zucchini and strawberries, brussel sprouts and quinoa
cucumber zucchini tomatoe quinoa red onion salad with lemon and olive oil dressing and sweet potatoes


3 weeks into eating Raw

I figured since I’m 3 weeks into eating mostly “raw” I should write a little blog telling people how easy and great I feel. Well I do feel good THIS WEEK but it sure hasn't been “easy”. The first 10 days or so I pretty much felt like I was in a fog/coming down with the flu because I was “detoxing” from all the processed/sugary foods I've been eating the past 24 years, or at least from the past month. I feel it’s almost been more mental withdraws then physical. I've always felt like I needed bread or some kind of wheat product to feel “full” and now I have proven myself wrong. I believe I’m allergic to gluten, or at least a little bit now that I've had pretty much no wheat (I've even a few all natural tortillas in the past 3 weeks) . Since I was a teenager I've always had stomach aches, every day sometimes multiple times a day . I thought it was just normal until about a month ago when I read it wasn't. Yes a month ago. How sad is that? I've also had little to no energy the past 3 years due to what I felt was pregnancy then having a baby, then getting pregnant plus having a toddler, then having a newborn plus a toddler, and so forth and so on. Well I decided to take charge and get my energy back or to at least not feel like a walking zombie just watching the clock until it’s time to lay down and go to bed.
So how do I feel different you ask? Well I finally noticed a change last Sunday. I woke up spunky, energetic and ready to take on the day, like I did before having kids. My face has cleared up, a ton! I’ve always had dry spots on my face, and acne here and there. All the acne that I had prior to eating raw is almost all gone and no new ones have come along yet. But the number one thing is I haven’t had any stomach aches! No more feeling bloated, ew yeah I know. Jon and I have both seen a difference in how we look right before bed, you know how you are full from dinner and your stomach looks like its a few months pregnant? Anyone? Haha well now we both are going to bed feeling so much better. I still crave sugar, a lot. But I try to eat dried figs or a green apple to help that craving. I feel now that I’m feeding my body the proper nutrition and working out I’m finally seeing results.
When I say we are eating mostly raw is because there’s those super intense “raw eaters” out there that get mad at the “semi raw eaters” and have read so many blogs where they send hate mail haha. So to clarify we eat 75/25. 75% raw /25% cooked per meal or at least try to do that. I’ve been reading up on how many calories we need at every meal and what we need in order to get the right nutrition if we do skip on eating meat that day.   

I figured I’d share a few pictures of what we eat, instead of constantly blowing up everyone’s Instagram feeds of my food and one before & after photo. 

What you will always find in our fridge:
Green apples
Plain yogurt
Coconut milk & almond milk

Snacks I have out that are ready to grab and eat:
Homemade granola
Full of frozen fruit so we can throw a shake together fast. We've had a lot of these the past few weeks!

This was today's lunch, as you can see I had a tortilla with cheese & avocado inside, guacamole with celery (i ate most of this before I took the picture) spinach with cold quinoa with lemon drizzle, and beets.    

For breakfast today I had plain yogurt, my apple spice granola I made last night a banana topped off with some honey

This was my dads plate yesterday, I took a picture of his because it has the smoked salmon on it. I'm allergic or else I would have put some on mine too. Spinach salad with beats, smoked salmon, cucumber with lemon & olive oil dressing. Chopped up some egg plant and put it on the skillet for a few minutes with olive oil and mozzarella, then a small pile of rice noodles and quinoa 

Okay so this isn't as appetizing looking as it tasted the other night. I put mushrooms in the skillet with olive oil salt and pepper, then put them on top of the fresh spinach with cooked rice noddles. I chopped up a red onion and fresh zucchini and once again, topped it off with some lemon & olive oil. DELICIOUS!!   

Celery sticks with peanut butter & sunflower seeds, sweet potato fries, spinach with blue cheese crumbles, and an avocado for lunch.

This has been a regular breakfast of mine. An egg with cilantro, black beans, avocado with tomato and apple slices and peanut butter.

I was blessed with a good metabolism most of my life and last year after having my 2nd baby I lost the weight fast. Then with nursing I continued to get skinnier. Since November I've had people ask me and my family if I had an eating disorder because I had dropped so much weight. This hurt me and made me upset since I was eating normal and won the battle of an eating disorder back in high school. I feel that is why I started to eat more unhealthy foods in order to gain weight. After going to California for almost a month in December and eating out all the time, I came back to Alaska bloated and tired once again. Finally after reading about every diet out there I saw that eating raw was the common denominator for them all. Just eat real uncooked food so you can get all the worth/nutrition out of that food.  
 I'm sure I will update you guys once again on different foods that I'll be making and trying to get a wider range of raw foods. I hope to continue to eat raw, feel more energized and be a good example of what to eat to my boys. I want to be around for many many years so I can play with my grandkids and see them grow up too. We have this one life and need to watch what we do with our bodies. If  you're a believer in Christ you believe as I do that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. So shouldn't we care for it like people take care of holy temples? 


Wall to Wall Happenings

It’s finally spring, or at least the start of spring I should say. Small puddles line the roads here and there and I can tell the snow has started to settle. I become super start status when I drive into those puddles on the road by my boys. My car was white but is now a beautiful light brown color. Triston has been talking about splashing in mud puddles since November and the excitement has built up all winter long. Skylar becomes very irritated that he can’t crawl into the puddles with his brother who is splashing and having the time of his life. We’ve been able to get outside every day to get energies out and it sure makes for happier/more tired boys come night time.

                                                                       I love my 3 boys

Skylar turned 11 months yesterday, and has still yet to walk. I keep thinking “any day now”….. “any day now”…… “any day now”, but any day now hasn’t happened. I only say this over and over again because my back hurts from bending over walking him around all the time. He is by far the fastest baby I’ve ever seen crawl.  I cannot believe that next month he will be a year old. This year has gone by so fast! I love that him and Triston actually play together now all the time. Triston can make Skylar laugh harder than anyone else. I can now say I am very happy I had them so close together.

A couple weekends ago we went to a sled dog race to watch the finish line. Triston loved seeing all the dogs come in and I’m excited that Mush for Kids is this weekend so I can take him on a dog sled. I miss dog mushing at times. Yes I use to have 12 dogs that I mushed. But the whole taking care of them in the winter and cleaning up after them outweighs the mushing for me. There was a fur/pelt/antler auction going on there too and I really wanted a fox skin but I came too late to bid on one. Yes very Alaskan I know.

Friday night worship has been going great, still a small crowd but Jon and I are enjoying it and know that if God’s behind it, it will grow. But it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the one as Heidi Baker would say. Stop for the one, that’s who matters. We now have child care so the little ones can go play upstairs while we worship and share what God’s been doing in our lives and pray for one another. We invite anyone, any age, in any walk of life to come and check it out, everyone is welcome. We want to do life together. Jon and I canceled the Landing (celebrate recovery for teens) tonight, but it will be every Thursday at Joels place from now on. If you know of any teens who are struggling with drugs, alcohol, abuse, depression or life in general, encourage them to check out our group. Jon has been volunteering again this year every Tuesday night helping out with another teen AA group in town. Then he has his men’s group Wednesday nights, so we enjoy our few nights we get at home together. 

We had so much fun at the ice park this year. Since it moved to a bigger spot in town it had so much more to look at and do. Huge ice sledding hill (so scary for me to watch Jon and triston go down), tons of small slides, ice seats that spin, and of course all the ice sculptures. I have no idea how someone can make ice come alive like these artists do!

I’m getting excited to do the Mrs. Alaska America pageant next month! I got to have dinner with Mrs. Alaska America 2013 and a few of the girls around the Fairbanks area that will be competing as well. Finding dresses, getting my pictures taken, working out every day and trying to figure out how to actually do my hair and makeup have been fun. I’m excited to meet all the other women, say that I did something I’ve wanted to do my whole life, and if possible, represent Alaskan married women. I’m sure I will write a blog after to tell all about it. Prayers up and fingers crossed!

After a lot of reading, research and continuous research, Jon and I have decided to start eating more raw foods. We have both had stomach issues our whole lives and want to get them in check, to be healthy and be a good example for our boys. I feel we’ve always tried to eat pretty healthy/clean but we still seem to get those processed foods in the house. We are doing the 75-25 (75% raw, 25% cooked) raw diet. The boys diet is different because they need certain foods while they are young and growing. I have all the charts on what foods contain what, and how much we need per day as adults who are working out and for me who is still nursing. We aren’t doing this to say we are eating “raw” or that we are so much better than the next, we are doing it for our health and these two little ones. I feel this whole new journey needs its own blog!

Well there’s a little look into our life this past month, hope you enjoyed it!