The Landing-Celebrate Recovery for teens

I know a lot of you had questions about what kind of program Jon and I are starting so I thought the best way to inform everyone was to write a blog about it. I’m sure many of you have heard of “Celebrate Recovery” a 12 step Christian based AA group. Well this is that program for teens. When Jon and I were youth pastors at Friends Church we went through a very similar study called “Life hurts, God heals”. 
“The Landing” is a structured ongoing 52 week program based on the beatitudes from the Bible. Jesus laid out principles for happiness in the sermon the mount. The Landing is for teens who are struggling to live their lives in a healthy, God-honoring way. Teens simply need help developing patterns to wise choices. Often teens know they need something more than a typical Sunday school class or youth meeting. Some may not know this but the people in their life do. The Landing is a safe, healing place where teenagers can live a freer, healthier and more God-centered life.

“Don’t be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2
The landing is a place for teens (7th-12th grade) can feel safe on Thursday nights.  We offer an 8 step Christ-centered ministry aimed at helping teenagers understand and deal with their hurts as well as accept and appreciate the immense love God has for them. The curriculum was created specifically for teens who are dealing with issues that affect those most: a troubled family, friendships, feelings of acceptance or rejection, romantic relationships, pain and addiction. All are issues that take a toll on today’s youth, and unless a healthy approach to cope is in place, disaster is sure to follow. We want our teens to know that God loves them and we do too!
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”-2nd Corinthians 12:9

     If you have a teenager, or know of any teens struggling in this life, please talk with them and consider letting them try out our group. We meet every Thursday night at 6pm for dinner, followed by worship, large group talk, break off into small groups (guys with guys, girls with girls) then a small hang out time after and pick up is at 8:45-9pm. Our meeting place is at Joels Place 1890 Marika Rd Fairbanks Alaska. Office number is 907-452-2621 and ask to speak to Jonathan Wall.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts, we want to see our Tanana Valley teens be healed and become strong sons and daughters of the one true King. 

Here's a short video that's worth the watch


Triston's Diary

Life of a 2 year old
Many of you might think being 2 years old (well 2 and half) is easy. All you have to do is wake up, play, have people feed and change you but that is not what life really looks like. It’s much more complicated.

The Diary of Triston Wall

6am:  I woke up to the cry of my brother Skylar once again. Ugh he is always crying it seems like. Since I didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed I wasn’t in the happiest of moods this morning. I remember falling out of bed last night, but then I somehow ended back up in bed…mysteries to be solved. My mom wasn’t moving fast enough on getting me my morning apple juice, so I insisted many times over and over that I wanted my apple juice, NOW! She finally got it for me, made me comfortable on the couch and put on my Veggie tales movie. It was that that double plot veggie tales where they tell the story of the prodigal son and the wizard of oz. I don’t know how they really figured those two stories would go together but they did a nice job.

7am: My favorite meal of the day, breakfast. I love to eat pampakes or as my mother calls them “pancakes” and eggs for breakfast. My mother makes eggs for me every morning. She tells me that if I eat my eggs I will be big and strong like daddy, so I make sure to have an extra helping.

7:15am: I am ready to play. I like to start off by putting my superman costume on and visualizing myself flying through the house. I “get get” robots, dinosaurs and airplanes. Superman has taken over my bedroom also. Who wouldn’t want to be a man made out of steel who can fly and have xray vision? My dad and I wrestle and build a fort before he takes off for work. I never like to see him leave and wonder why he can’t just stay home and build forts with me all day long. 

8am: Art time. I try to have at least two times a day where I sit down and use my creative side. I love water colors and the way they glide on the paper. I’ve been getting the whole circle and eyes down on my people lately. Mother hangs them on the fridge after I’m done and I must say, I am very proud of my work. 

8:30am: My brother wants to play with me. He’s finally out of that “baby stage” where he just kind of lays around all day and sleeps and now wants to play with me. We go for the blocks and I show him how to build a big tower but he tends to destroy it and I become annoyed with him. 

9am: My mother seems to always be folding laundry around this time; I think she LOVES to fold laundry. I help her out by taking the already folded clothes and throwing them on the ground so she can fold them again. 9am is my snack time and I always crave a greek yogurt. Ahh deewisous.

10am: My mom gets us ready for town. I tell her I can do it myself and put my boots and coat on. I don’t know why grownups are so into the boots on the “correct” foot, and why I can’t wear my jacket backwards, but if I had it my way, I’d rock this look all the time. She makes my brother and I match, and I must say, it's a little bit embarrassing. 

11am: I am very ready to be done going into places, getting back in my car seat, and getting out once again. It can be tiring for a little guy. At least I get a cookie every time we go into Fred Meyers so I’ll stop complaining.

12pm: What is it about the car that is puts one into a trance? I can never seem to keep my eyes open for long before I am fast asleep.

2:30pm: I wake up in my bed….last thing I remember I was driving in the car….how did this happen…?

2:45pm: It’s time for anther fort. My mom enjoys unfolding every blanket in the house that she just folded and building me another fort. Skylar always comes in and rips down the walls of my fort, little brothers…
He loves it when I read to him but always seems to eat the book before I can get to the end of the story.

3:15pm: Its superman time again. I fly around the house killing all the robots and bad guys with pillows. I become so hot after this and ask to step outside for awhile. My mom gets our snow gear on and us 3 head outside.

3:30pm: King of the mountain, snow angels, jumping in the snow banks and going into our tree fort is my favorite activities to do when we are outside.  But after a good hour I am frozen and my cheeks are bright red so we must retire back inside.

4pm: After Skylar and I have our bath together we, proceed to naked time. Naked time is a freeing time, a time to run around the house and go crazy. 

4:30pm: Art time, fort time, singing time, jumping on the bed time, building train track time, playing with Skylar time, whatever my heart desires time.

5pm: DADAS HOME!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as he finishes getting his shoes off, I tell him we need to “getget” and mom just folded the blankets for us so we could build another fort. I put on my superman costume on again and dad and I fly around the house together this time.

6pm: Dinner time. If I had it my way, I’d have mac’n’cheese every night for dinner. But my parents insistent on making me eat whatever they are eating. I don’t mind moose meat and chicken, but when they make me eat salad is when they cross the line. That stuff is disgusting and makes me gag like no other.  Since I am the eldest boy in the family, I pray over our food at dinner. It’s a pretty big responsibility.

6:30pm: Get pjs on, brush teeth and get ready for bed. I like to watch a movie before bed in mommy and daddys bed. My new favorite films are toy story, jungle book, lion king, and the classic bambi. My dad usually snuggles me while my mom puts Skylar to sleep then comes in after. 

7:30pm: I am exhausted by this time and it’s lights out for me.

Well that’s a typical day in my life, it varies day to day. You can throw in going to the library at least once or twice a week, the gym another two times, and play dates with my friends through out the week. I hope you enjoyed it! 


DIY ducktape wall paper

I have been wanting to make over our bedroom for some time now and finally got around to it! I got the paint back in October and JUST painted it last week. I wanted to go for more of a Scandinavian look in our bedroom. Whites & blacks and different patterns but keeping it simple. I saw a blog post by everythingemilyblog.com where she took tape and made her own wall paper in her sons room. I love DIY projects and thought I'd enjoy it and save some money instead of buying wall decals. I bought 4 rolls for 1" ducktape (she used washi tape I believe) and each roll was about $2. Okay so they arent totally perfect 2"×2" crosses or are they perfectly 5" apart but I love it. I "eye balled" everyone but if you wanted to be more exact you can always make small marks with a pencil on where it should go. Its SO much brighter and I bang my head thinking why didn't I do this sooner?!


God bought Jon a guitar

God bought Jon a guitar yesterday. Sound crazy? Well read on to see what I mean...
Jon decided to run by a local music store in town yesterday morning to check out some electric guitars. No one else was there and he went through about 10 guitars until he found one he liked the best. He was debating in buying it right when his friend walked in. His friend said "Jon, God told me to buy you that guitar".
Okay lets back up to how his friend told the story...
He was praying yesterday morning for God to use him in anyway possible. He got in his truck and felt he should go to Pro Music. He thought maybe it was finally time to buy that steel string guitar he kept wanting and almost bought last week. He pulled into the parking lot and saw Jons truck there. Right then he felt God tell him to buy whatever Jon was looking at. After he told Jon this Jon kept saying "no no you cant buy this for me!" But Jons friend said God wanted to bless the both of them. After Jons friend left the music store his friend went to his job site. He was talking to a guy at work for awhile and told him how he'd been wanting a steel string guitar for awhile. The man said that he had one he bought for $800 but he would sell it to him for $20.
How cool is that story?! God totally blessed us yesterday (Jon especially) and Jons friend felt so blessed to be apart of it too. Its so neat to see how God wants to use us to bless people by listening and being obedient. He always provides for us in such cool ways!