Quick update

Do you ever have one of those weeks that you’re excited and motivated to get so much done? That was me last week. I had big hopes of painting our bedroom, starting a quilt, organizing the bathroom and putting together an old coo coo clock that’s been broken. Last Sunday night Skylar went to bed and woke me up in the middle of the night with a horrible cough. It was the croup. I’ve never heard firsthand the “barking seal” cough until that night and I can tell you one thing, parents aren’t joking about how bad that sound is. Fever came next and then by Tuesday night Triston had it too. Cabin fever set in for me. Instead of getting anything done, I rocked many miles in my rocking chair between the two boys. They are almost all better with the exception of a cough still which should be gone in a week or so. I’m optimistic that this week will be my “get a ton of stuff done” week, but I don’t want to jinx myself lol.
I was able to rearrange the house a little, and plan on what we want to do next to the house. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to paint the ceiling (finally) in our living room, and our bedroom. I am excited to get our bedroom how I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. Our house has very low lighting in it and once our tax return comes back we decided to buy new lighting. Exciting adult stuff I know! Haha.
Jonathan and I celebrated our 6th Valentines day together on Saturday instead of Friday because we were able to celebrate it without the little ones. We made each other cards, I told him I didn’t want flowers but a succulent plant instead, we went out to a new restaurant in town called “AHA” and had a delicious dinner.  I love my boys but after a week at home and only getting out of the house twice for an hour I was ready to recharge my mommy battery.

Other random things happening in the Wall household would be…
I deleted my facebook…again…haha I deleted it back in Oct for a few months then got back on, but I seem to only put stuff that I put on Instagram on there. And don’t really connect with anyone on there that I don’t on Instagram or through blogging. So I decided once again to get off of it.
Triston grew ½” in the last month! He’s now 3’1 ½” tall. I knew he was eating a ton and sleeping more than usual.

Skylar had 4 more teeth come in these past few weeks and is now up to 6 toofers. He’s been sleeping great too, sometimes 12 hours at night! Which I’m excited because that means I get to sleep too! Only 2 ½ years of no sleep to make up! 

Jon and his brother won a racquet ball tournament on Saturday. Jon’s been schooling me and trying to teach me to play which has been challenging but fun!   

For the rest of the day I will be giving the boys baths, doing laundry and then we are all heading out to my friends house for dinner. Hope everyone has a fantastic week! 


My faith

I'm very open about my faith in Jesus, and the relationship I have with him. What I am not, is open about my poetry that I write about Him, or any poetry really. But maybe I should be, it's just another way to express ones self like music, art, or getting a tattoo (right? haha). Here's a few pictures from today's walk outside and a faith poem I wrote.  

My life has changed, and it has changed for the better
Please stay with me while I write my heart and soul out in this letter
I’ve known Christ my whole life, but never have I known Him like I do now
My body gets weak in the knees, and all I can do is bow

His glory, his beautiful glory that shines from above
Oh how it fills me up, He has given me his perfect love
The bible isn’t some old boring book I can promise you that
There’s everything from seas parting, the blind healed, and a whole lot of combat

Christ humbled himself and came to this un perfect earth
He took my sin on that cross, so I could have a new birth
His majesty died for me, for you, for all our sins
All we have to do is set ourselves aside and let Him in

It says in Philippians “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”
It also says how Christ came for all your sufferings and pain
He tells us to “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness”
Bind all the works of the enemy and any wickedness 

In Mathew Jesus says “Come all who labor and are heavy and I will give you rest”
It blows my mind how someone like me can be so blessed
To have a heavenly father who looks down and is delighted in me
To think we got separated from just one apple on a tree

I can feel God all around me, I can feel his embrace
When people look at me all I want is for them to see His glory on my face
I want to live the life I was made for
Even if that means for me to give up my comforts and to go serve the poor

No matter where I end up I can tell you one thing
I will tell everyone about the Lord of lords and the King of kings
I know everyone goes through hard times and troubles 
Believe me I have had my share of struggles 

But Jesus comforts me and says “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light”
Come hide in Him and he will fight your fight


Update on my ever growing boys

Triston Jonathan Paz Wall will be 2 and half next month! Wow where did the time go? Every month he surprises us more and more by what he learns, says, and does. We bought him a “big boy bed” a few weeks ago, and he LOVES it! I think the thing he loves the most is Skylar can’t climb up on it so it’s a “skylar free zone”.  He still loves trains and anything to do with trains, but his interests are starting to switch towards army men and dinosaurs. He sets up all his “men” and the dinosaur comes in and eats them and sometimes the men win and kill the dinosaurs. He’s all boy! He got his first library card 2 weeks ago and has been enjoying going to the library for books and movies. His favorite books right now (one’s we read over and over again) are Richard Scarry’s books, Corduroy, Frog and Toad and his favorite dinosaur book. But the Richard Scarry book takes the cake on how many times we have to read that over and over again, but we seem to always find something new on every page. I’ve been teaching him what different emotions are, colors, and numbers. When I clean he always has a “job” such as wiping down the coffee table, putting his toys away, or putting the pillows back on the couch. When we go and play with my friends girls, his two best friends I should say, he always wants to look nice and for me to do his hair. Is that normal?! Haha. He is weighing in at 32lbs and is 3’1” tall. In the last 2 weeks he has busted his lip open twice by falling off a bunk bed at birthday party and then fell down a week later and bit into it. He also got a double bloody nose during kids church after tripping. He sure knows how to keep Jon and I on our toes! He’s been giving us hugs and kisses without our asking and wanting us to snuggle him at night. His creative side has been coming out too and we have art time every day. As I write this he is reading his book cracking me up telling me that “cats down drive jeeps mama”. Very true son, very true, cats do not drive jeeps haha. We got a dog last week and Triston got to name him. At first he wanted “doggie” and we said what else would you like to name him? We tried getting him to say names that we liked but he never would, finally he just started calling him “Choo –choo” and that stuck. I must say I love it now and the dog has turned out so far to be such a good dog! He sleeps in the boys room at night and Triston LOVES it. 

 Skylar Jeffrey Ezra Wall turned 9 months on the 2nd. This little guy has grown to 2’4” and weighing a whopping 22lbs. His two top teeth FINALLY came in this week after a long 2 weeks of teething. I must have had it easy with Triston because he was never too fussy while teething. I always remember saying “oh you have another tooth in, that’s why you were a little cranky”. But Skylar is a totally different story. I pretty much held him/wore him for 2 weeks straight. He never slept for more then 1-2 hours at night, and barely any naps. I seriously don’t know how he was able to function on no sleep, but then again I do because I lived every second with him. He is now my happy baby boy again with not a care in the world except for when his next meal will be. This boy loves to eat! He still nurses every 2 hours during the day with 3-4 real meals/snacks in between. He was sleeping through the night before our California trip, but you know how vacations go, it totally throws their sleep schedule off. Last night was our first night of re-sleep training him. Not fun but now I know it will only be 2 or 3 nights and he will be back sleeping 8 to 10 hours so it’s worth it! He says “dada” all the time and looks at Jon and says “dada” but there hasn’t been a “mama” in about a month. He waves to people when they wave now with a big old cheesy grin. His favorite toys lately have been a little tool set my sister got Triston, blocks and balls. He crawls everywhere and has been holding my fingers walking around whenever I let him. I’m not pushing the walking this time around like I did Triston. Triston was walking at 10 ½ months, I sure don’t mind if Skylar doesn’t walk for a few more months! I was getting Skylar ready for bed the other night and just broke down into tears because the thought hit me “You will be a grown man one day and no longer be my baby”. Mommy moment to the max I know. But I think the 2nd time around you kind of know how fast it goes and try to cherish every moment.

My house is a battle field everyday of messes, crying and laundry. As soon as I clean one mess up there’s another to tackle. The boys are finally starting to play with each other but this means one is always crying because the other took his toy. But the times where Triston leans in and kisses Skylars head, or gives him a hug gives me the warmest feeling in my heart that I’ve ever had and know they will be best friends one day. I sure do love my blue and brown eyed boys.