Happy thanksgiving weekend everyone! We had a pretty relaxing Thanksgiving, just hung out at Jon's parents house with some of my family too. Jon's grandparents came up from Oregon to spend thanksgiving with us. It's been so nice having them here and getting to know them better. Of course there was plenty of food and then some. What a blessing to have leftovers! There were 4 babies, 2 bigger kids, and 10 people all talking at once which made for a very loud house. 
I am so very thankful for my husband who provides for me and the boys. Jon never judges me about anything I am going through or tell him. He has such a soft heart and is on fire for God. He also makes me laugh everyday and knows how to put a smile on my face. We've been through a lot, but God has turned everything around to His glory and I am thankful my house serves such a loving God and that Jon is my spiritual leader.
I am beyond thankful for my two boys. Triston my little lion who has spunk like no other. He's so funny and so loving. When he tells me he loves me without me saying it first melts my heart. My little Skylar bear is just a bundle of snuggles and loves.That smile of his warms my heart everytime.
I am so thankful for my mom and dad and knowing them as my parents, but also my friends now that I'm an adult. The relationship between us has grown so much these past few years into something so much deeper and I can't wait to have that with my boys. They are a great example for Jon and I. I'm also so thankful for the rest of our families and the love and friendship we have with them. 
And most of all, I am thankful for my heavenly father who loved me so much He sent his son to die for me so that I could be saved. Having a personal relationship with Him is the biggest thing I could ever be thankful for. 

 As Triston kept saying yesterday "Happy Thanks" to everyone! 

Cute boys

Jon showing Grandpa how to disarm a guy with a gun

Auntie Allison

Too much excitement 

Could they be any cuter?

The girls and their boys (missing Skylar) 


D.I.Y Coffee filter garland

SANTAS COMING!!!! Okay so a few of you asked me to do a DIY/how much it cost to make christmas blog. I've never done one before, so if it's horrible I am sorry! I made one thing that I did not find on Pinterest. We were at a friends house for lunch on Sunday and she had this fun huge garland everywhere. I figured it was coffee filters and rope. So I came home and made some for my house! Here we go, my first D.I.Y.

Coffee Filter Garland
Cost: Coffee filter pack of 200= $2
I only used 72 filters and the rope, so total cost of garland=

1. First I took 3 filters and put them inside each other

 2. Folded in half, and cut a small triangle out for the rope to pass through

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 and face the two sets together where holes are at

4. Put rope through holes

5. Fluff the filters out then scrunch lightly 

6. Repeat as many times as desired.
 I desired 12 times haha sorry I had to. And hang them!
Super easy, and it's a big statement!

I also have a bunch of old books I bought at garage sales for decorating laying around. I took a few pages out and cut some bunting banner triangles out. I then made a few white and red felt bunting banners to go with the pages out. 

Super easy!! 

And here is my very very small tree. I believe it's 18 inches tall. I made the ornaments and bunting banner to go around it. Very homemade! 

Tis the season!!!!
Hope you liked my very short DIY coffee filter and rope garland!


Snow snow snow

November is almost over and man did that go by so fast! My sister came into town, then Jon's brother and his wife arrived 2 weeks ago. There has been many family dinners, gym dates, hanging out with the cousins (the little wall cousins that is) and we even got to see Catching Fire the other night.
 Both of Skylars two bottom teeth came in, and he is now almost sitting up all by himself. He still falls over but he can hold himself up for quite some time. 
Triston said goodbye to his crib and hello to a big boy bed (his mattress is on the floor) and has been doing great with it. The first night he had it he woke up around 5am shut the sound machine off, came into our room and woke us up. Jon told him to go back to bed so Triston walked back into his room, turned the sound machine back on, and went back to sleep for an hour haha. He's also ready to potty train, but I'm the one who is holding off on it since we leave for california in a few weeks. Last night he took his diaper off (he will not keep his clothes on anymore!) went into the bathroom, asked to get on the toilet, told me to go away, and went pee and flushed the toilet. So needless to say he's ready.
Besides the power outage a week and half ago, November has been very nice. Just a few days of freezing cold weather, but other then that it's been "warm". No complaints.  I started doing Insanity at the gym, and I have never worked out so hard before in my life! Holy smokes! Today I am decking my halls with limited supplies. My christmas boxes some how got put in the very back of our connex and it would be a huge hassle to get them out. Pictures soon to come of what I've done with coffee filter, rope, and pages from books.

Skylars first time taking a bath in the sink. 

He wasn't sure what to think of it

Triston is now all about Dada. Him and Jon are so funny together. Jon is so good and patient with Triston and I am so happy/blessed that I have husband to help me raise the boys. I'm pretty sure Jon and Triston had just the same amount of fun pretending to "get get" me last night while I took pictures. My belly hurt from laughing after taking these pictures. 


Too cool 

I am trying to take mental pictures of this time in the boys life, because I know I will look back and miss it. From all of Skylars firsts, to Tristons big milestones I am enjoying them, and thanking God I have them. 


My sister came to town

 This post is a little bit late but we didn't have power last week so that was my excuse. I got a call from my sister a few weeks ago saying "guess what I'm coming to Fairbanks next week!!" I was so excited to get my sister here even though it was only for 4 days. She flew in Tuesday night and I picked her up from the airport. I asked her what kind of thai she wanted while she was still in Seattle and ordered it as soon as she landed. We swung by and grabbed it on our way home. We always laugh about how when we are in Seattle we can find our gate to Fairbanks without even looking at the number, but how people are dressed. Fairbankans aren't known for their great style choices I guess you could say haha.
Triston of course remembered her and didn't want Jon or I after she showered him with gifts and kisses. He only wanted Auntie Jami. That night Skylar woke up at 3am crying because he was sick and I brought him out to rock him in the living room and she asked if she could. I felt so bad saying yes but the sleep was great. She snuggled and fell asleep rocking him and and woke me up in the morning when he was ready to eat. Wow so that's what it's like to be a dad? haha just kidding. 

The reason she came up here was to design my brothers new office building so she did have to work during the day. But I picked her up the next day and we hung out before she went and spent the night with my brother and his family (our nieces needed to see their auntie Jami too)
The next day I picked her up from work and went shopping together. Ryan (her husband) use to get so annoyed with us and how we laugh like 12 year old girls when we are together. Needless to say there was a lot of that going on. 

She picked this bottle of wine up at the Seattle airport and we enjoyed it together. I don't drink very often at all, also because I don't care for the taste of alcohol but this was very good. 


The next morning was her last day, and we got our old favorite drink a Toasted marshmallow latte which I haven't had since she lived her 4  years ago. 

 I grabbed her for one last thai food meal (the thai in Temecula has nothing on Fairbanks thai food restaurants) 

Goodbyes are never fun and it was filled with tears (on my end). Skylar and Triston loved having their auntie here and I my sister.