Our home

I painted our house ! Well not all of it, just the living room/dining room/playroom/kitchen/entry way room. I have been wanting to all summer, and finally did. Took me a day and half. I painted the walls but still have the ceiling to do. Jon's going to wax our floors too. They are real wood and have some wear and tear on them after 10 years. We have a big list of to-do's and am finally starting them. Jon's going to build me some shelving area in our entry/coat area/dining room. It is so hard to organize our winter gear without a closet. This house only has 2 very small closets and they are in the 2 bedrooms. Our house was bright green for those of you who didn't see it before. So this is a huge change to go from green to gray. I still have to finish making the curtains, and a curtain for above my sink, just haven't had time to run to the craft store...maybe also because I don't have a car ha. But I'm excited to have a bright freshened up house to start off our winter!

 I have to update our pictures still, they are all in at the store but I have yet to remember to pick them up!

My fabric hoops had super bright colors in them, and since I changed up our color scheme a little, I had to change the fabrics. Blacks, grays, whites and some burlap did the trick!

The yellow painting of flowers is a painting my grandmother painted for President Nixon for his summer home in San Clemente. It was a huge painting and super long, and it ended up getting cut into smaller pieces so now all of us cousins have one piece. It's very special to all of us. She was an amazing painter & interior designer.
Tristons "play room" area
Decided to do an "old things" mantel piece. Old bottles, vintage camera that was my grandpas then my dads, old window and a bunch of old books 

This would be where I spent most of my summer haha

I sewed a bunch of new pillow case covers to update my pillows. Super easy and cheap! 

This is in front of my sink. It is a reminded that when I complain about having too many dishes to clean, that it only means we have food in our stomachs. It's a blessing to have dirty dishes! My mom always said this 
growing up and I already know I will be telling my boys this same thing.
 My spot haha

S & T fun

Happy Harvest

I of course love Pinterest, like every other blooded woman alive. I want to do our own Christmas pictures this year and thought I'd go online and see what ideas someone else has already had. Lights behind a sheet, check! Figured I needed to do a few test pictures of my boys, and lets be honest, I love taking pictures! They were both too sweet for words and Triston kept giving Skylar kisses and saying "CHEEEEESE MOMMY CHEEEESE" (think I make him pose for pictures maybe too much? ha). It was super cute but I'm not totally bought on doing this exact thing for our cards. Okay enough about the backdrop, more about the boys!
Skylar is almost 6 months now and 18lbs and is almost sleeping through the night! Started sleep training him last week, and he goes about 6-8 hours and then I nurse him. Triston on the other hand, still wakes up sometimes. I didn't sleep train triston until he was 18 months old, and everything I've read said that you need to do it between 5-12 months or else children will tend to wake up during the night after 2....welp, that is my son. He wakes up usually because he's hungry and wants a "ship" aka peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple juice. I tell him no its the middle of the night go back to sleep and then he tends to cry which then leads to waking up Skylar. Yes they are in the same room. Very tight! I'm still decorating it, trying out some mod podge and once I'm done I'll of course take some pictures! Or else Skylar wakes up crying which wakes Triston up. But I'm happy to say that I've had my first 6 straight hours of sleep in almost 2 years. Triston only started sleeping through the night 1 month before I had Skylar so the bags under my eyes are deep and heavy and will take some time to go away, or go down I suppose. Skylar is also starting to sit up, eat foods, watch and admire everything Triston does.
Triston loves the fact that Skylar is in "twistons woom". He has become such a good big brother. Always wants baby to be next to him or in the same room as him. He's been off the bottle for a  month now, yes I am that mother who couldn't get her baby off of the bottle until he was 2! ugh I tried so many times. He's 32lbs now and I'm not quite sure how tall he is, but he's tall. Everyone always thinks he's way older then he is and expects more out of him. He is talking way more now and puts whole sentences together. He also has been using the big boy potty and I'll start potty training him for real next month when it's freezing out and I'm home for days anyways. So yes, I have 2 in diapers, and I cannot wait to change that (no pun intended haha).
Skylars first tooth popped through so we have been going back down that road of teething. I'm going to have 4 straight years of teething children, or more if we decide to have another one in the next 2 years. Lord have mercy! I know they both have their days, and their times of crying and fussiness, but all in all I have 2 very well behaved children. Triston will sit at thai food (it's pretty much the only restaurant we go out to) the whole meal and they are now getting to the point of not crying at the end of a shopping trip. It's nice having Triston to entertain Skylar. Almost easier in a sense having 2 than 1. I finally understand what my sister kept telling me for years haha.