Skylars Birth Story

Okay here it is, Skylar's birth story. For those of you who have weak stomachs, stop reading now haha. 
As many of you know, I had a rough last month of my pregnancy. Had contractions for weeks, but never could dilate. We had no idea why until now, which I'll get to soon. 
I finally hit a full 39 weeks and was able to get induced last Thursday May 2nd. Jon and I got in the car and headed to the hospital. We stopped by my favorite cafe Lulu Bagels and I got a rosemary salt bagel (my favorite this pregnancy) because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything until after I had him. When I got pregnant last fall I kept thinking how neat it would be to have a baby in May because all the snow would be melted and it would be spring, but on our way to the hospital it was snowing out. And the night before we had 2 inches of snow. 
They admitted me and started the induction at 8:30am. 

I was in the SAME room that I had Triston in

And had the same "focal point" quilt to look at while pushing haha. 

They gave me some medicine to help open up my cervix, but it only made me have contractions for hours.

Jon and I hanging out in the hospital room

He was a little more relaxed then I was, or at least he put on a good show

Since nothing was happening for hours I walked the halls, a lot. Did lunges, and squats, trying to get things going, but nothing was working. 

I was still at a 2 until my doctor came in at 1:30pm to break my water. I always thought women exaggerated when they said it feels like a HUGE gush...well they weren't lying. Oh em gee, that was so weird feeling ha. My water leaked for hours with Triston, so I never had that "gush" sensation. As soon as she broke my water I dilated to a 3. After that my contractions started getting more intense. They were still 2 minutes apart but nothing was happening too fast so back walking the halls I went. Finally around 4:30pm I decided to get the epidural. 
As soon as it started to kick in, I felt for the first time in months, relief! Best feeling ever. I got the shakes pretty bad for about an hour just like I did with Triston from the medicine. One of the nurses then checked me an hour later around 6pm and I had dilated to a 6! Progress! The nurse said I should have him that night, but at the rate I was going, not for a few more hours. 
A half hour later when my mom, Sherri and Jon were all hanging out with me I started feeling like I needed to push. I didn't say anything the first time, then 2 minutes later felt it again. I had the epidural with Triston for a good 6 hours before I had him, so I never felt that urge to push. I had only had this epidural for an hour and half, so I felt it. I told my mom, and she said "Im getting the nurse!" I kept thinking it was in my head, but sure enough when the nurse checked me I was at a 9! 

Jon and I shared one last kiss as parents of 1 son, the next time we'd kiss we'd have 2. 

I kept having the urge to push, BUT....they told me I couldn't push, and had to wait until my doctor got there. Every 1-2 minutes I kept wanting to push and they kept tell me "breath, just breath" haha.  It took my doctor 30 minutes to get there, longest 30 minutes of my life. She checked me and sure enough I was at a 10. My doctor suited up and they got the room ready within minutes. My mom had my sister Jami on facetime, and my mother in law had my sister in law also on facetime haha. 
Finally I got the a-okay to push. Since I only had the epidural for a little bit, I could feel everything past my hip bones. Not to make this next part sound all dramatic, but it was, and it was the scariest thing I have ever had to go through. While I was pushing, Skylars head was turned the wrong way and he was stuck. His heart rate started out at around 150 when I started pushing, and with every push his heart rate started to drop. I pushed for about 20 minutes until his heart rate got down to 30. My doctor told me "Stephanie, you have to push for your baby, he needs to come out now". Not what any mom wants to hear. They put some oxygen on me and I pushed again but still no progress. My doctor said there was only one option and that was to use to vacuum on his head to help get him out. She got it on him and sure enough with another push his head got out. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and his shoulders were stuck. His heart rate was the same so she told me again that I had to get this baby out, push for your baby. Finally, another few pushes and he was out!! 
Waiting for that first cry felt like forever, but I know it was only seconds. He was very blue but started getting color slowly. 
One of the nurses next to me said "Oh she's beautiful". I freaked out and said "ITS A GIRL?!!!" My doctor said "no no its still very much a boy". The nurse said she felt so bad she didn't even look to see if it was a boy or girl. That still makes me laugh. 

He was finally here! 8.5lbs & 20.5inches of bliss were finally out of my womb and in my arms. The reason my doctor said I didn't have him weeks ago was because his cord was wrapped around his neck and it wouldn't let his head engage into the right spot to help open my cervix. So all those contractions were trying to get him out, but he was tied up. I would have never been able to go into real labor if it wasn't for the induction. I am so thankful for my doctor and wanting what was best for me. 
That night they took him to monitor him because he had a wet cough and then his oxygen levels dropped twice. He was kept on the monitors for almost 2 days, and he also had jaundice so he ended up under the UV lights. 
We got discharged Sat night around 6:30pm and I was so ready to get home! My parents kept Triston the whole time we were in the hospital. Im so thankful they were here, especially my mom. She lived every contraction with me since she got back. Everyone could now relax and enjoy this new gift. 
I am thankful that pregnancy is over and I now have two sons to love on. Triston has been so sweet to Skylar, and we couldn't be happier. It's great to know hes already adapting to being a big brother. 

Welcome to the world Skylar Jeffrey Wall. Your mom and dad love you very much