My 2013 Goals

Happy New Year!!!

This is our 5th New years together!

These past few days I was thinking about my goals for this next year. In doing so, I tried to remember what my goals were LAST year and the only one I could remember was to become more flexible haha. I know kind of silly, but being flexible now will help being flexible when I'm older. My goals are set now for future results. I made a list out with Jon this morning, about our personal, and our goals as a couple/family. We are still working on our family goals but I thought I'd share some of my personal goals with you so you can keep me accountable lol. 
Of course I have the usual goals, eat healthier, work out more, be a fun mom, great wife, and be more organized. But I wanted to break those down to another level (something I learned to do back in middle school when we set our year goals, month goals, and weekly goals. Chinook was a great school). I'll share my top 5 with you all =] 

{5. Be more organized}
That can seem very daunting to me because I think I need to go color coordinate our closets (which I use to do until I had a baby) and alphabetically organize our library and dvds. But what I mostly want to be organized in is having a meal plan for the week/month. To plan out what I'm going to be buying at the store a head of the morning I wake up to shop. Clip more coupons and get them organized in a spot that's not at the bottom of my purse. 

{4. Read more, watch less}
This one is a personal and a family goal for us. Jon and I love to read, and we usually do in the mornings. I started reading the Hunger Games out loud to him at night for an hour this past week, and we are almost done with the 2nd book. We decided awhile ago to try not to just slump on the couch and watch tv all night long. Instead we started playing card games and then reading to each other. I'm not saying we don't still watch TV, but it's been a lot less then normal. I also want to continue to read more Christian books that inspire me to get into a closer relationship with God. Jon's been reading "Ruthless Trust" to me in the mornings which is a great book! 

{3. Be more crafty}
Okay so maybe this is an easy goal for me, because I love to do crafts. Jon bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I want to be able to know how to sew a quilt by the end of the year. I also want to learn how to sew clothes, and baby shoes, and a ton of other random stuff. 

{2. Be healthier}
Here's another really vague one,"be healthier". I broke it down though, don't worry. Of course exercise more (and continue to become more flexible) but I want to get better at yoga. We both enjoy yoga so much and Jon is looking into becoming certified in teaching it. It helps to have a personal yoga instructor at my finger tips haha. I'm excited to start a garden again this summer with my mom, but I want it to be bigger and better then before! I also want to can more foods. We are getting chickens this summer for eggs and hopefully some for slaughtering at the end of summer. There's also talk about getting a goat for milk, we shall see! 

{1. Continue to grow in God}
This one is my biggest goal, but it almost seems funny it's on my goal list. I guess it's just a reminder that I can forever get closer to God. I believe in God yes, but I am learning how to really have a relationship with Him in TRUSTING Him with everything. I want to make sure I am getting into His Word everyday, learning it, and living by it. Learning what's not on my heart, but what's on His and going after His plan for my life. I can look at these last 5 years and see that I have grown in Him, but have only scratched an itzy, bitzy tiny bit of it. To pray more and worry less is another HUGE goal of mine. Worrying is telling God that I don't think He has my best interest in heart and I don't trust him. To always look to God for my worth, and not to the world. That people would be able to see His love being worked out through me.

I'm excited for this new year, and all it has to bring. A new baby, a new ministry, and many ups and downs I am quite sure of. I'm so blessed to have such a close church family, friends, and family behind us. Happy New year everyone!


Charlotte & myself "when" we were weird....

What I am about to show you may scare you...Not everyone knew me when I was younger..and when I explain to them they just kinda laugh but don't take it serious. I was also heavier that I am now, but who wasn't in middle school? Well I have proof now on how weird I was, and my bff Charlotte (sorry charlotte haha). We both had so much fun dressing up as kids, and it didn't end until we were teenagers sadly. I think it's great if you can laugh at yourself, and we both do now. These are just some pictures of our weirdness, but we have hours of videos that will never go online haha. We loved making "movies" and thought we were pretty funny. So without further adieu, here we go....

Sad thing was all those clothes were from my closet....

I really liked snowmen...I even painted a one that hung in my bathroom all year long...

Again, more clothes from my closet

Emo pictures? We weren't emo at all...

Make you laugh? It makes me laugh every time I see these. I'm not sure why but we always drew mustaches on ourselves when we made movies haha.


snips & snails and puppy dog tales

Wow so I finally get to blog a real blog. It's been a month and half since my last one (not counting my short one about finding out about the baby boy!). 
Lots has been going on it seems like, and then again not much since it's been SO cold out. The first part of winter seemed like it was going to be nice to us, you know, 10 above to -10 here and there, but nothing horrible. Then last week happened. With temps at -25 below to -40 below you don't want to go anywhere but stay in bed all day, in my dreams I know.
Last week Sherri came over to watch Triston so I could run to the store before bible study. Oh yeah I started this amazing bible study that I LOVE! It's a Beth Moore study on Daniel. I've missed the last two sessions though but am excited for next weeks. Anyways, sorry back to my story. She said I could take her car because it was already warmed up. So I went out in front of the house were no lights were and it just so happened to be on a slight hill, and I opened the door quickly since it was so cold out and smacked myself in the head. I landed in the snow holding my eye. All I could think was "OH my gosh, my eyeball must be hanging out and bleeding everywhere!". After sitting in the snow for about a minute I got myself on my knees and started crawling towards the house. When I got upstairs to our place and opened the door I told Sherri to look because I was too scared. Thank goodness the only cut was a tiny one under my eye. I gave myself a concussion and a black eye...wow talk about clumsy...I've had so many people look at me funny, and ask me "Can I ask you what happened there?" Guess it doesn't look good to be pregnant with a black eye. Keeping in classy Fairbanks. 
Yeah I know really attractive photo ha

Jons been working a lot, and I've been staying busy with Triston and other mommy/wife duties. Poor Jon opened the door on his foot last month and it ripped his whole big toenail almost completely off. He finally cut the rest of it off, but let me tell you it was so gross! He's able to rock climb again so he's happy. I started doing yoga again, and we were suppose to go to a class tonight but Jon ended up working late. He's trying to get certified to teach yoga so hopefully that will be soon! I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy, but I was so sick last month, and I'm always chasing Triston around, I seem to not sit for too long. I gained 40lbs with Triston and have only gained 7lbs with this one so far, but then again I'm only in the first part of my 2nd trimester so I'm guessing that I'll gain it soon enough lol. Baby is already measuring 2-3 weeks bigger than where he is suppose to be which means another big Wall boy!
Triston finally got some shots the other day. We are very very very very behind on his shots. But they weighed and measured him to see where he is at on the charts. His weight is only in the 70th percentile but his height is in the 97th percentile. Tall & lean. He is at such a fun age right now, everything is new and exciting. He makes me appreciate the simplest things again. 
We got to hold our newest nephew last week Baby James. Rosie and Aaron had him on the 26th of Nov. He is so cute! Now one more sister in law to go (Steph, which should be in the next week or two!!) then Allison! Babies babies everywhere! 
We took our Christmas pictures tonight, and hopefully I will order them tomorrow and get them sent out by next week! I still have some gifts to send out too, but everything is bought! I've never been that far ahead before. 
My parents got in this week from California. They were gone for about
7 weeks and will be here for the next month before heading back down there. I am enjoying every second with them. My mom and I have a mom-daughter date on Saturday so I'm excited about that! 
Jon and I have been able to have a few dates ourselves too. Pizza nights, and movie nights. It's nice having built in baby sitters! We have been going through Love Dare every morning for our couples devotional. I'm a mom but I am also a wife and never want to forget that or push Jon to the side. 
 If you haven't heard we decided on a name for our newest addition. We had a lot of names we liked but couldn't settle on one. Then last week I had a dream I was holding an ultra sound picture and it was a boy and I said "Hello Jacob Jeffrey". I told Jon the next morning and he said "Lets stick with that if it's a boy". Then after finding out it WAS a boy, we knew that dream was from God. We wanted to name him that but so did He. And of course I love names with meanings, and his name means "The supplanter of Gods peace". That is so neat! Praying over this little boy already. All day I've been talking to Triston about Jacob in my belly. I read about how it's good to start talking about the new baby coming even if the other child is young.

We are excited that Stephen and Allison get in next week! I'm sure I will be writing a blog about all our adventures after they leave :]


It's a boy!

Yes its true, baby will be wearing blue!

I had some bad sharp pains this morning and called my doctor and she said to come in to do an ultra sound to make sure everything was okay. Thank goodness everything was, and baby was healthy as could be. I am only in my 18th week so I didn't think we were going to be able to tell what the sex was,but she said "do you know what the sex is? and would you like to know?". Of course I said "YESSS PLEASE TELL ME!" As soon as I looked back at the screen I saw it was a boy right when she said "I'ts a boy!" There was no mistaking, his legs were spread wide. So a scary morning turned out to be a surprise blessing! 
I called Jon to see where he was because I had something big to tell him. We planned to meet for coffee at Barns and Noble and my mind starting turning on how I'd tell him. 
I made him sit down and I went and ordered our drinks. I asked the lady to put our names on our coffee as "ITS A BOY" and say it really loud when you call our coffee out. That was the longest 3-4 minutes of my life waiting for them to call the coffee out. Jon was talking so he didn't hear her the first time she called it out. So she did it again and he heard. He was so excited but SO embarrassed when he got up in front of everyone to walk over and get his coffee. 
I had a dream last week that I was holding an ultra sound picture and said hello to my son. Guess it came true :] 
I am super excited Triston will have a best friend to grow up with. They will only be 21 months apart. And we have a ton of boy stuff already, so it will cut down on some costs lol. Thats 3 boys on the Barney side now, and 4 on the Wall side. Can't wait to meet our new little boy :] I love him so much already!