Wall baby #2

So the news it out! We are expecting baby number 2! I've wanted to say it so many times and let everyone know, but with my history of miscarriages we had to wait till I was further along.
We found out the week before labor day which was the weekend that Sherri flew into town. We surprised her by putting a shirt on Triston that said "Big Bro". We sent pictures to all our family wearing that shirt also. My dad and Jeff didn't get it and I had to pretty much spell it out for them haha. A week later was when we decided to move back to Fairbanks. Trying to move with horrible morning sickness and fatigue and a toddler was not fun...at all. Everyday I would say "I only have to do this for (blank) more days then I'll be done". It also doesn't help that Triston still wakes up every few hours in the middle of the night and thats when I feel the most sick. Rocking in the rocking chair doesn't help the morning(all day) sickness. Then of course I got the flu the week we were leaving and add all those things up together plus a plane ride, oh boy. When we landed in Fairbanks I said "HALLELUJAH!!!".
I had my first doctors appointment and ultra sound. They found the heart beat and we got to see baby wall. Baby is the size of a prune right now, but not as wrinkly as my pregnancy app says. I'm starting my 10th week today! Yay 1/4 done! And I'm already showing a ton. I look about 4 months pregnant already, great. Ha. That's what happens when you get pregnant 11 months after having a baby! Muscle memory! This pregnancy has been much harder than Tristons was. I wasn't as sick or as tired, but then again I didn't have a 1 year old who needed me 24/7. I also don't get to take naps whenever I feel like it, or ever. Come to think of it I've taken one 20 minute nap since I've been pregnant. But it has been nice having my husband here to help me, my sister helped a ton in California and now I have both sets of parents here.  I lost too much weight this past month from being sick and being stressed, so my doctor encouraged me eat a lot of cereal and milk haha. My bmi is just too low, I sure wouldn't mind that if I wasn't pregnant but since my body is not my own I have been catching up on my thai here!
Oh yes, I'm due May 9th! I forgot to mention that! I think it's so crazy that my sister in law Stephanie is pregnant, and my 2 other Wall sister in laws! I am so excited for all these new lives to be coming into the world. Triston will have so many new cousins and a new baby sister or brother. I may be hoping for a girl, but a boy would be nice too because then they would be best friends. I'm so sad that I sold pretty much all our baby stuff this summer! I will have to start collecting stuff once again. We found a car that we are going to buy today too, one thats very safe and very big!
I want to be one of the biggest cars on the road now that we have kids. We should be moving into our house this weekend, and no later then monday! That means poor Triston gets to learn to sleep through the night! And so does mommy! Wish us luck!

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