Wall update

I just got Triston down for a nap, and decided I'd have a cup of tea (since I'm getting a stupid cold) and update our blog. We have been living back in Fairbanks for a month now. Seems like we've been here longer at times, and other times I still feel like we are only visiting. We are back in our house as most of you know, because most of you who read this keep up with us on FB ha. Decorated as much as possible for now, and feels like home with the sugar cookie candle burning.
Being back in the cold and snow has some getting use to, as it always does every October. Jon bought me some good winter boots that have great grip so I wont slip on the ice while pregnant/holding Triston. I am spoiled that my car has auto start! It's already come in handy and the coldest its been has only been -15 below. We have been using our new blaze king wood stove non stop. I love the smell of fire places, it makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book.

 We finally weaned Triston at night. I have been so tired these past few months still getting up with him every 2-3 hours to feed him, or just rock him. I know I spoiled him too, but it was hard to not get up when we all lived in one room. The first few nights I'd cry in bed hearing him cry so hard. So glad Jon was there to help me and go in and tell Triston it was ok every 10 minutes or so. He has been sleeping really good, and slept through the whole night yesterday, but last night woke up again and cried for a little bit. But its only been a week and I know we all need sleep. He has been saying so many words these past two weeks, something must have clicked. "Bumble" for bumble bee, "Danger", "Triston", "Outsideside" are a few of his new words. I felt so bad the other day when I was curling my hair, I set the iron in the sink for 2 seconds, and Triston runs into the bathroom, yanks the chord and the curling iron comes down and burns his forehead. I cried longer than he did. I still don't have a costume for him for next week. I can't find anything here that's cute, so I will most likely make him one.
 Triston loves to climb on the coffee table and dance
 At our goddaughters birthday party. Triston didn't like the bouncy house as much as I thought he would.
My little drummer boy. He loves the drums at the church.

I am in my 13th week now! Yay one more week and I'm out of my 1st trimester!! I am so ready to have more energy, and not to be sick to my stomach all the time. I know this sounds so weird, but I swear I felt him/her flutter in my belly last night. I dont know if its possible, but baby is the size of a peach and I know what it feels like to have the baby move around. Jon had a dream that it was a boy, so he's pretty certain it is a boy. We have a few names picked out, and are trying to decide soonish. I'd like to be able to tell Triston "Baby (name) is in my belly". 
This Saturday I got asked to come speak at the hospital to the nurses along with a few other woman to talk about our miscarriages. What we went through, how we felt, what people said that helped and what people said that didn't help. This is to help the nurses better understand how woman feel when they miscarry. I will for sure be wearing waterproof mascara. I always say, even though I've had 3, it never gets easier. So be praying for me that with my story I can help women in the future. 

My parents are back in California for the the next month. Sad they are gone but excited they will be back soon. I started staging again and am glad to be doing what I love. We watched the best movie Blue like Jazz the other night. It's one of our favorite books, and the movie was great. Most all christians movies can be kind of lame (sorry but its true) but this one was really well made. Id highly recommend anyone who's searching for God, or not sure where they stand with Him to watch this movie. 

We got together with a group of our friends Sunday night and watched "Laugh your way to a better marriage" dvd. It was great being with our friends again, and letting all our kids play together while we had small group. I am doing a woman's bible study at the church by Beth Moore. We are going through the book of Daniel and I already am getting something out of it. We are also starting our small group back up on Thursdays.

Since we are settled in, and I've been nesting, I have been able to start making yummy dinners and baking a lot again. And trying to not gain too much weight with this pregnancy haha. I'm excited I get to start working out next week when I get into my 2nd trimester. 
Well that's about it going on here. I better get some cleaning done while Triston is still sleeping. 


Wall baby #2

So the news it out! We are expecting baby number 2! I've wanted to say it so many times and let everyone know, but with my history of miscarriages we had to wait till I was further along.
We found out the week before labor day which was the weekend that Sherri flew into town. We surprised her by putting a shirt on Triston that said "Big Bro". We sent pictures to all our family wearing that shirt also. My dad and Jeff didn't get it and I had to pretty much spell it out for them haha. A week later was when we decided to move back to Fairbanks. Trying to move with horrible morning sickness and fatigue and a toddler was not fun...at all. Everyday I would say "I only have to do this for (blank) more days then I'll be done". It also doesn't help that Triston still wakes up every few hours in the middle of the night and thats when I feel the most sick. Rocking in the rocking chair doesn't help the morning(all day) sickness. Then of course I got the flu the week we were leaving and add all those things up together plus a plane ride, oh boy. When we landed in Fairbanks I said "HALLELUJAH!!!".
I had my first doctors appointment and ultra sound. They found the heart beat and we got to see baby wall. Baby is the size of a prune right now, but not as wrinkly as my pregnancy app says. I'm starting my 10th week today! Yay 1/4 done! And I'm already showing a ton. I look about 4 months pregnant already, great. Ha. That's what happens when you get pregnant 11 months after having a baby! Muscle memory! This pregnancy has been much harder than Tristons was. I wasn't as sick or as tired, but then again I didn't have a 1 year old who needed me 24/7. I also don't get to take naps whenever I feel like it, or ever. Come to think of it I've taken one 20 minute nap since I've been pregnant. But it has been nice having my husband here to help me, my sister helped a ton in California and now I have both sets of parents here.  I lost too much weight this past month from being sick and being stressed, so my doctor encouraged me eat a lot of cereal and milk haha. My bmi is just too low, I sure wouldn't mind that if I wasn't pregnant but since my body is not my own I have been catching up on my thai here!
Oh yes, I'm due May 9th! I forgot to mention that! I think it's so crazy that my sister in law Stephanie is pregnant, and my 2 other Wall sister in laws! I am so excited for all these new lives to be coming into the world. Triston will have so many new cousins and a new baby sister or brother. I may be hoping for a girl, but a boy would be nice too because then they would be best friends. I'm so sad that I sold pretty much all our baby stuff this summer! I will have to start collecting stuff once again. We found a car that we are going to buy today too, one thats very safe and very big!
I want to be one of the biggest cars on the road now that we have kids. We should be moving into our house this weekend, and no later then monday! That means poor Triston gets to learn to sleep through the night! And so does mommy! Wish us luck!