Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing mom Gena. She has been the best mom I could of ever asked for or ever of wished for. God blessed me so much by letting me be her daughter. She has a heart after God, and is such a role model for me, and so many other women. Of course I'm glad she was born because if she wasn't, then I wouldn't be either ha. But I love that my parents are so in love with each other still, even after all 35 years of marriage. My mom isn't only my mom, shes my best friend. I tell her pretty much everything, and know I can go to her about anything. When I had my heart problems, she would lay in bed with me night after night, year after year, rubbing my arm and praying over me. She has truly been there for me through everything, and has never given up on me. I hope one day that I can be half the mom that she has been to me. A lot of people may know her as the "prayer worrier" and she is, but she is also hilarious. She cracks me up! I'm so excited to see her in just a few days!!!! I love you mom, and am so happy God has blessed you with 60 years, and I pray for many more!

 Aren't they too cute together?

 Their renewing of vows 30 years of marriage
 Mama's girls

 Mom giving us a blessing over our marriage and telling a few funny stories

I love you mom! HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY!

4 more days..

4 days and counting..then Fairbanks! Feels like it's going to be the longest week now that I have a cold and am going to be tired packing everything and painting. I just really hope Triston doesn't get sick also because flying with a toddler, let alone a sick one isn't fun. Speaking of Triston....he spent two nights at my sister and one night he slept almost through the night, then the next time he slept the whole night! Never has he done this for me...EVER! And hasn't again haha. Why do kids always sleep/act better at other peoples house? I think this tired momma is ready to ween him when we get moved into our house and settled in. These bags under my eyes need to be put away!
Triston also got to go to the zoo for the first time with my sister and her family. She sent us so many photos and videos. He was so cute with the lions, making "lion" noises, but he looked uneasy around the gorillas. My sister is the ultimate aunt, she gives him whatever he wants and her kids get so mad and say "but mom we can't do that!" haha. He's going to miss his cousins so much and I know they are going to miss him.
We had all 3 of my sisters kids over one night last week and I'm pretty proud of myself, because I got 4 kids under 6 years old to bed ha. Guess I can handle lots of kids! I just love having conversations with my niece and nephew, they crack me up. I had the scale out because I was weighing bags and boxes, and Lila and Brody kept weighing their selves. Lila asked me how much she weighed, and I told her, then asked what I weighed. When I told her what I weighed she said "wow, that's so big". haha.
When my sister took Triston to the zoo Jon and I were able to get a ton of stuff done. But we also took a little time to ourselves. We laid out by the pool for the last time, while Jon read this amazing book to me "Under the overpass". I'd highly recommend that book to anyone. It's about these two guys who felt God calling them to live on the streets with the homeless, and show them His love.
We also went out to this little pizzeria because I couldn't stop thinking about BBQ Chicken pizza for a few days, then saw the movie "Lawless". SOOO GOOOOOOD! A little bloody, but defiantly the best gangster movie I've ever seen. We were cracking up when we came outside after the movie and it was dark out. We both hadn't driven in the dark since April. We are always home because Triston goes to sleep around 6:30-7. It was so nice to get a full night of sleep while Triston was away. The longest he's slept for me in one stretch is 5 hours, but it's usually 2-4 hours and he wakes up.

The next morning we had at home church, Jon played some worship songs on the guitar and we read the bible together then prayed together. We had to get Triston early in Temecula and run to the store. We finished more chores around the house, chicken coop, cut down a tree, fixed the gate, and cleaned out the cars.

We have pretty much everything on craigslist, but have only sold a few items. I reposted everything yesterday, and we had a few calls on stuff. Our car is the big item that we want to sell, and the guy is meeting Jon tonight to buy it, so thank the Lord!
I asked my mom to pick thai food up before she came to get us at the airport on Sat. I have missed thai food so much! For some reason, Fairbanks has the best thai, and the best thai we have found here would be the worst in Fairbanks. So no thai for almost a year has been hard haha. I'm excited to be back at Friends Church and see all our church family on Sunday. Start our small group back up, and hang out with friends.
So 4 days and counting to say goodbye to this beautiful place, and my family. It's going to be the hardest thing to say goodbye to my sister and her family. I tear up every time I think about it, but knowing I'll see them in a few months helps so much. Feel free to pray for us, for health, and energy, and Gods peace over us while we pack and move. I wont lie, it's been stressful, but I'm lucky to have Jon who calms me down and prays for me. Well, it's already 6am so I better get my day started.


There and back again, a Wall tale.

So guess what? Come on guess! Ok fine, I'll just tell you. We are moving back to Fairbanks..yes back to the coldest city in America! I figured I needed to write a blog about it so I could explain to everyone at one time. Let me start by going back to this spring....
Jon was driving to work one day praying about what did God want him to do, and what was His plan. He all of a sudden started to get this download on starting a self sustaining farm. One that we could have teen addicts come to, to get clean, learn how to really work, and be discipled by mature Christians. They would have to work on the farm everyday, taking care of animals, garden, cutting wood, ect. We want to teach them a work ethic that they can use in the "outside" world.
We found some property up the road from us and thought it would be great (it still would) but we don't have the funds to buy it (maybe one day). So we've just been talking about it all summer. Then about a month ago Jon told me that he thought we should start it in Fairbanks first (we wanna start them all over one day, dream big, right?). We felt that since we grew up there, know a lot of people, that we'd be able to get it started a lot faster then here, not knowing anyone.
But....when Jon told me he wanted to move back to AK I said "NO way am I moving back to Fairbanks!". I pictured us living here for years, while Triston went to school, and that I wouldn't have to live another Fairbanks winter...ever. He told me "please just pray about it". So after a few days of not praying about it, and being a stinker, I moved my pride aside and got down on my knees. It didn't happen right away, but I started to have peace about moving back...and even started to miss home..WHOA BIG MOMENT since I haven't missed home since we moved here. My dad told me if this was God moving us back, that He'd give me peace about it, that He'd never give one spouse a vision without giving peace to the other. So I know this was God.
We will be getting paper work ready, fund raising like crazy, and working this winter so Lord willing we can break ground this coming spring. Please be praying for us! We already have the dirt work donated and the property!! But there's a lot more to go. I know this wont be easy, but who ever said life is easy? haha. I want to bring glory to God in all that I do, and so does Jon. I married a man who wants to do what God wants him to do, how neat is that?!
We will be back on the 29th of this month..12 days from now..so needless to say I have been packing up a storm. I feel like I just did this! Maybe because I just did. I'm so sad to be leaving my sister and the kids. It was so hard to tell her this, but of course she supported us. They were all heart broken, but we are blessed because we'll be able to facetime, and see them in a few months! I've enjoyed our time here SO much, I mean come on it's beautiful here! But I am excited to go home, to see friends, and be next to other family. Life's a journey, and an adventure for us, Fairbanks...here we come..


Bringing home baby

Dear Triston,
I can't believe I had you one year ago! Holy smokes that went by fast! I remember I woke your dad up last year with a cup of coffee and "don't freak out but my water just broke". Pretty sure I'll never forget the look on his face, excited, surprised and scared all wrapped into one. We got to the hospital within the hour, and I was admitted at 9am. I had two minute contractions the rest of the day (those aren't fun) but my body wasn't ready to have you yet. Around 4:30pm I finally said I wanted the epidural (I will ask for this with the next baby as well haha). The nurse and doctor thought that I wasn't going to be able to have you and that they would have to do a c-section, but we prayed and had everyone we knew praying that I'd be able to have you naturally. Then all of a sudden, "somehow" my body cooperated and was ready to have you! I started to push at 11pm and told myself and everyone around (oh yeah, daddy was there and both your grandmas were in the room, one was video taping, and one had your aunt jami on facetime, and your two grandpas were in the back of the room not watching and cracking up telling stories about airplanes or something...) that I was going to have you on this day! I had 59 minutes left in the day, and my goal was set! Guess what time you were born? 11:56pm! Cutting it close? I think so.
We were all so happy to FINALLY see your face!!!! You weighed 8lbs 7ounces and were 21 1/2 inches long. Big boy and the perfect size. Since I didn't eat breakfast that morning and wasn't allowed to eat anything the whole day all I wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich, so thats what I had at 2am haha.
We were able to bring you home a day early and the rest is history. Smiling for the first time, cooing, you recognizing our faces, first time saying mama and dada, first time rolling over to first crawls, walking and falling down to now running and telling me you want more food. I can't believe how much you have learned and I'm so excited to see what this next year will bring. We have loved you from the moment we found out we were having you. You bring such joy to our lives, and brighten up the most gloomy days. We love you Triston Jonathan Wall.
I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be

Love Mom



3 years of marriage!! The first day we spoke and hung out I knew there was something special about him. The few months before we got married we were in Mexico for the summer on a mission trip. We talked and almost got married quite a few times down there, but knew our parents would want to be there, and we wanted their blessing so we waited. We told my parents on a Monday that we wanted to get married, and they were leaving the following Sunday, so we decided to do a small wedding on Saturday. 5 days to plan a wedding, simple! It was our family and a few close friends. We didn't care about having the big wedding yet, just wanted to be married. I think every couple should do that, get married first, then have a big wedding a year or so later. I didn't want a wedding, I wanted a husband, a marriage. It was a beautiful fall day in Fairbanks, the trees had just started to change their color and fall on the ground. I surprised Jon by riding in on a horse instead of walking down the isle. I rode in on the horse to our song  "All I want is you" from the soundtrack of Juno and his dad married us (my dad said there was no way he could do it without breaking down crying). We have been through a lot, had some tears, shared many laughs, and so many smiles. I am truly in love with the man I married. And am so blessed that he is a man of God. I love you Jonathan, Happy anniversary to us!

You may now kiss the bride!

                                     So here's to 3 years, and to 30 more! Forever and Ever