Before&After of our apartmemt

Here are my before and after photos from our house.
 Living room/dining room








I saw a spine book shelf on pinterest and looked up how much they were. They were anywhere between $500-$2000! So I asked Jon if he'd be able to build me one, and he said "Easy". So here it is!

So there's our place so far. I still have the bathroom and our bedroom to paint. Before and after photos to come!


Hot weather!

It's been about a month since I last blogged. Not much has happened around here so I didn't feel like I had anything to write about. But I started thinking about it and realized a lot has happened!
Jonathan joined the Carpenters Union full time and got sponsored by his boss so he was able to start out at level 6 out of 8. It takes about a year to complete two levels. His old job was great and he loved the guys he worked with, mostly all Christians, but the work started to slow down, a lot. I am so blessed to have such a hard working husband. He's up every morning at 4am and works in the heat from 6am-3pm with an hour drive each way. I try to get up with him as much as possible in the mornings, but these past few weeks Triston has been sick which means me being up in the middle of the night a lot.
Speaking of Triston, he has been sick these past few weeks. He had a very high fever for 4 days, and then a rash broke out all over his body. Then Jonathan got a cold, then Triston got it, then I caught it. So we are praying for health over our household from here on out! Even with him being sick, Triston started walking! Im not sure if he really knew what he was doing at first, I mean he was only 10 months at the time. He still only takes about 4-5 steps at the most, but now instead of us holding his hands and letting go, he's starting to do it on his own. He loves my yoga mat, and I think he can get really good grip on it with his feet, so I always catch him walking on it back and forth. He's also been talking a ton, some new words are "duck" "moo" "gun" "gee gee (for GG my mom)" and "no". Yes he has learned the word "no".
For you who didn't hear, Triston found gum in a dressing room and was chewing on it for a good 10 minutes before I found out what was in his mouth. So gross. Then yesterday I noticed he was drooling pink drool...he had found a high lighter and bit the top off and was chewing on it. We rinsed his mouth out but his tongue was very pink for awhile. I have looked high and low for that high lighter and cannot find it! I have no idea where he put it. To say the least I have my hands full.
I have been in the process of painting our house. I have the living room/dinging room/kitchen all painted, and all that needs to be finished is one more coat on the ceiling. I painted one wall so far in our bedroom, but still have a lot to go. It went from a dark yellow to bright mint green and light blue walls with a white ceiling. SO MUCH BETTER! It feels calm and bright in here now.
Jonathan has been building me random requests here and there. He built me a spine book shelf which I saw on pinterest, a shoe bench, and he's almost done with a toy box for Triston. I love having a handy husband!
I myself have been getting back into shape. I'm under my pre-baby weight, but my body isn't as toned as it use to be (surprise! that's what happens when you have a baby!). It use to be so easy to be in shape because I went to the gym every day, but not having a gym membership here has made me push myself to work out at home. I took some before pictures about 6 months ago, and then some last month. So in a few more months maybe I'll post my progress (maybe). One thing I wont be working out, is my arms though, they have gotten the most muscular they have ever been. Mommy arms! Haha. I want to be healthy is my biggest goal, and flexible, because if you're flexible and you fall down you wont break your hip! I think the Olympics have also pushed me (and most of the world) to really push yourself to get in shape.
The title of this blog is hot weather, and boy has it been hot out! I'm so not use to it not getting cooler then 70 degrees at night, and up to a 100 during the day. And everyone says it's only going to get hotter until November.
We had a small birthday party for Jon who turned 26!! Crazy I met him when he was 21!

It's been so nice having my mom here this past month. My dad was down for a week but had to go back to Alaska for work. We have been having lots of lunch dates, shopping, but mostly just hanging out enjoying each other. I'm gonna miss her when she leaves in about week, but she'll be back down in a few months! Love having family close! We are also excited that we have two new additions to our family. My sister in law Stephanie is pregnant and so is Jons brothers wife Rosie. We know that Aaron and Rosie are having a boy, but Steph and Brian aren't going to find out until she gives birth. I wish I could have that much self control on not finding out the sex of the baby, but there's no way! They are both due in December so we are looking at tickets to Alaska so we can meet these two new babies!
Well that does it for a Wall family update. I'll be posting before and after photos of our house soon! God bless everyone!