Our Alaska Trip

I can't believe this, my house is clean, laundry is caught up, baby is asleep, dishes are done, and all the plants are watered...I have some free time to myself...so I thought, I could read a book, take a shower, or blog...and guess which one won? Haha. I promise I will shower soon :]
We are back in Bonsall! We went to Fairbanks for 3 weeks and had a great time. Jon had a few weeks off here so we thought what should we do? Prayed about it, and a few hours later got a call from his old boss saying they had a bunch of concrete pours the next couple of weeks. So we took that as a big sign from God and packed up. 

Triston did great on the plane both flying up and coming back down. His favorite thing was the windows at the airport. They were pretty amazing to him :]
We were so happy that Stephen and Allison were in Delta at the time (one hour away). They were able to come up to Fairbanks both weekends then for the last week we were there. I was able to go through EVERYTHING and put aside what we wanted to bring down, what we wanted to sell, and what we wanted to bring to the "mall of America" aka the dump. It took hours, and hours, and hours! Floor to ceiling of boxes, I didn't know how much stuff (crap) we had until it was in one big pile. It felt so good to get rid of so many things we just didn't need! Thanks to a friend down the road from us we were able to have a very successful garage sale! I sold almost everything I wanted to, and the rest I gave to some friends. 
Fathers day, Farmers market, walks at Creamers Dairy, Friends Church Kids Day, yoga classes, slack line, and bike rides in the rain (where we may have shared a kiss or two in the rain) were in full swing. 

 We had family dinners almost every night while we were there. Its so nice that both our parents are friends with each other and that they enjoy hanging out with one another. The only two places that I really wanted to eat in Fairbanks were Pad thai (because thai food in fairbanks is the best I've ever had) and Lulus Bread and Bagel shop. And we ate there a lot :]
We also got to hear some friends play at the local Battle of the Bands. It was great seeing friends and dancing to the music, which Allison and I had maybe a little too much fun doing. Famly walks and river floating followed that weekend. Floating the river was a ton of fun, but we had three rafts and one "club 100" raft (that carried our food and water) tied together and the wind wasn't on our side. We all took turns paddling down the river. The guys also found a huge log that they "surfed" on for a very , very, very long time. Jon and I got to go on a date together to see the Gold Panners play some baseball, but it ended up raining and we left early and went to barns and noble instead.

The last few days we just hung out with family and said our good byes to some friends. One night the guys all went fishing, so my mom, Sherri, Allison and I all shared some popcorn and watched Pride and Prejudice with no men saying "ugh I hate this show". It was great. 

 We had a great time going to church and seeing everyone that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to. Fairbanks will always feel like "home" since we did live there for 25 and 22 years and have so many memories there. But we are happy to be back in Bonsall, our new home where we get to make new memories.