Summer breeze

Wow it's been awhile since I wrote my last blog! So here's what's been going on...Friends&family dinners, working out, laying out, eating, flowers and veggies, kids, playing, naps, hiking, and lots of diapers changes. Ha but really here's what's been happening....
We bought a slack line. Kind of like a thick tight rope. Jon can go across it and do tricks but I can only go not even half of it (it's 40 feet across). We just got a huge thick rope today and Jon tide it on one of the trees and its now a rope swing and a climbing rope for Jon. Since I have no upper body strength! So much fun!
Ive been exercising about everyday still but now have added a few new things. The slack line, jump rope, walking up the hill, running and now swimming. Jon has been teaching me how to swim "correctly". I love it! It gets my whole body and my abs like never before. I'm so happy to say I'm back down to my "normal-pre pregnancy" size/weight but now my body is so different its frustrating trying to dress myself. But I am trying to love the skin im in :]
Triston has been trying to crawl, but still mostly just gets up on all 4s and rocks back and forth. He loves to grab our faces and has a smile on his face almost all the time. Our friend Heidi Baker prayed over my sisters kids and gave them a 2nd middle name. She's a an amazing woman of God and a missionary in Africa. She's the one who prayed over my belly for me to be able to stay pregnant and a month later God blessed me with Triston! Well she prayed and said the name that came to we was Paz (pa-shz)which means "Peace". So tristons name is Triston Jonathan Paz Wall. which couldn't be more true. He is such a joy being around and brings such peace to every room he's in.
We are excited to have Jons parents and brother and his wife come down in a couple weeks! But sad to say goodbye to my parents for awhile!
I started a woman's small group at the church we're been going to and I really enjoy it! We are doing a Beth Moore book called "Psalms of Ascent" and it's really getting me to dig into the bible. I really like this church which is right down the road from us and love the people. So welcoming and friendly.
Been riding horses a lot and am excited that i get to learn how to rope cattle this summer!! One day after rising we drove up to this dam and walked up to the top of the hill and looked out to one of the most beautiful views I've seen. Soooo pretty!
This Saturday is a big fundraiser called "Bonsallpalooza" for the local schools here in Bonsall. It's at a casino close by and has some cool bands playing. Excited to go on a real date with my hubby to it! But let's be honest, I'm excited for the bands but way more excited to get dressed up for it haha.
With that being said, you are up to date on our lives here in this little piece of heaven.


He has risen

It's been awhile once again since I wrote my last blog. This past month has been a whirlwind of company. First weekend we had all the family out for my dads party, then Jeff and Sherri came for a week, the next weekend we had a friends wedding at our place, then our family friend Floyd came and stayed for a week. Loved seeing so many faces and having quality time with family! Went to the swap meet this month and got some great stuff!!! My favorite was an old tool cart that I'm using for a sofa back table. My mom and  I have been working out almost every day still too! 
  Wedding at our place
                                                                 Barneys Barneys everywhere

A week ago or so I was holding a glass center piece from our friends wedding and it shattered in my hands cutting my finger. I've said this before but I've never seen blood squirt before then. It looked like a small war zone with all the blood on the concrete. And I don't do well with blood, like at all. So of course it hurts like crap and then I start getting light headed because of how much blood I saw. Very embarrassing but I had to lay down and breath into a paper sack because I was hyperventilating. My mom grabbed the first wet rag she could find in the barn and put it on my head. I started smelling something really strong but thought it was the bag, only to find out the wet rag was wet from water and paint thinner. Haha. That didn't help the situation ha. But my dad put on a homemade splint of a popsicle stick and duck tape and I was good to go. It's healing nicely now but I cut some nerves I guess since my finger above my second knuckle is numb. I'm sure it will come back but I heard it takes awhile.

Jon and I saw the hunger games of course and loved it! Wasn't as good as the book since they didn't get to develop the characters as much but I understand it was a lot to do in one movie. I started another series called Eragon and it's pretty good so far. Reminds me a lot of lord of the rings writing.
Our house was remodeled and we are now moved back in. My dad popped out two dormers, one in the living room and one in our bed room. We now has an amazing view! My rocking chair is in the one in our bedroom and I love rocking triston looking out at our view.
Triston has been growing up wayyyyyy too fast! He now has two front teeth, says mama dada and baba (for bottle). He waves, and is the most curious baby I know. He is such a sweet boy and such an easy baby, we are truly blessed! Just this morning he fell asleep and I heard him laughing only to go in to see he's laughing and smiling in his sleep. How cute is that :]

Yesterday we went out to my dads friends place to ride my parents horses. My sister even rode for the first time in 30 years! Haha she rode when she was 2 and hated it so she hasn't since then lol. The kids rode together and triston and I watched. I wanted to ride by brushed by a poisonous plant called nettles and got stung by it. Had a nice set of hives. Rubbed some mud on it and was good to go lol.

My sweet husband has been working hard as usual. We are praying about something that was laid on his heart about a month ago. Starting a recovery camp for teens. It would be on a self sustaining farm where they would work side by side mentors that would disciple them while working. Cows, horses, goats, olive trees, gardens, and chickens. They would learn a work ethic and get the focus off themselves. We found some property just down the road from us, but they are asking a lot of money for it. So right now we are praying for Gods will to be done and direction in the next step we should take. So please be praying too!!

View from the property

This weekend is Easter! So excited for our family to be together and go to church! I'm making an Easter egg hunt around our property for the kids to do. We want to also go to a sunrise service that's down the road in someone's orchard at 6:15 on Sunday. We are all up by 5 so we may do it! I've never done a real sunrise service before so it would be neat. Always want to remember that Easter isn't about the candy baskets, colored eggs, or feast that we always seem to have. But that our sins were taken away. I cry every time I think about what pain Jesus went through and what love he showed by dying on the cross for us..for me. But "he has risen"-matthew 28:6
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and that you will take a moment to remember what Easter is really about :]