Quick spring update

Guess I haven't written a blog in awhile. Seems like every time Triston gets me up early I blog. He has a bad cold and we pretty much didn't sleep all night. Poor baby boy. But tomorrow he is 6 months old! Holy cow that went by fast!! He is so much fun, I just enjoy him so much. He talks, rolls everywhere (instead of crawling) and wants to eat everything. I started giving him goats milk with rice and he seems to like it! It's also my niece Ellie's 2nd birthday tomorrow. She is getting so old and I miss her like crazy!!
Jeff and Sherri have been in town this last week. It's been so fun hanging out with them! We've been hanging out, went to Old Town Temecula (all the buildings look like the old west), the guys got tattoos, shopping, walks, eating, and more eating! Sad to see them leave tomorrow :[ And I know triston will miss them.
A couple of weeks ago we had a huge family "reunion" here for my dads 60th birthday. It was so much fun seeing family I haven't in many many years. There was 30 family members at the party! So blessed to have so many loving family members.
I started jogging again, been so nice to get my heart rate up again and feel that burn. The weather has been amazing, and running outside here is so different then in Fairbanks. I run past vineyards, sheep, orchards, horses, beautiful flowers, ect. Makes you motivated to move!
BUT this weekend there is a huge pacific storm coming in for a few days. Going to be reading a lot, playing board games, and hanging out. So funny that I'm excited for this storm.
Next weekend we are having an old family friends wedding under our house in the barn. I love weddings and dancing! Haha.
Well that's about the big stuff that's Been going on here! Quick updates are sometimes the best :]