Walk by faith-We moved to California!

Here we come!!!!!!

Oh wait, we are here =]

As many/most of you know, Jon, Triston and myself have moved to Bonsall California. We came down first part of Jan for a vaca, not thinking we were going to be staying! Jon heard about a job opportunity out on the army base by here (Camp Pendleton) where my brother in law works that was great pay. Jon and I talked about it, prayed about it, and talked some more.....and some more....more...and more...
Last Weds we all prayed that God would either open or shut the door to this. Thursday he got an interview, Friday he was hired.
Friday was one of the hardest days for me, I was so excited and happy for this new adventure, but my stomach was in a knots knowing we were taking Triston away from Jons parents. Triston was Jeff and Sherri's first grand-baby. I cried and cried knowing this was going to break their hearts. They are not just our parents and Tristons grandparents, but one of our best friends. We love them so much and it was so hard leaving them.
Jon and I are also leaving siblings, a niece and my parents 7 months out of the year in Fairbanks. And so many friends. We already miss a ton of you (all who are reading this). We were sad to leave our church, and church family. I loved the job I had as a stager. Getting to decorate, meet new people and help them sell their house was so much fun. I had a great boss and he was so excited for us when I called him and told him what we were doing. The easiness of knowing everyone, everywhere, and the feeling of "home" there. But nothing is forever, who know's we may wind back up in Alaska one day, seems like everyone does haha.
Jon and I are sad to leave the people, but we aren't too sad about leaving the cold! Since we've been gone the weather has been -20 below to -40 below pretty much the whole time...down here it's been in the 70's and 80's! I must say, having a new baby in warm weather is WAY easier then having him in Alaska!
Jon is doing concrete/construction out on the base, while I raise Triston. We are living in an apartment above a barn/garage on my parents property here in Bonsall. The view we have is amazing. Just in case any of you love decorating as much as I do, I'm doing our living room/kitchen area "Anthropology" and our bedroom "Shabby Chic". Before and after pictures to come!
This was the other morning before a storm hit. It looks into a valley of a ton of cute houses and there's this cute red barn too! I'll put up a picture of when it's sunny out soon

I am planting a garden for veggies, and a herb garden. We have fresh eggs everyday from our chickens and I'm trying to get some sheep so the horses have company and the sheep will eat the grass in the field in that picture. On our property there are 100 avocado trees, lemon trees, orange trees, apple, tangerines, lime, and many more. My dads going to be putting in grape vines soon too.
Another BIG plus about us living here is we are close to my sister and her family. My sister is my best friend and I'm so excited that Triston gets to grow up next to his cousins! We are 20 mins away from them! I missed my sister, brother in law, nieces and nephew so much. We also found an amazing church that reminds us so much of our church back home. Excited to get into a small group and start meeting people.
I'll be going back home soon to pack up some stuff and sell a few things. But Jon will be staying here. Jon and I have been praying about what God wanted us to do and what was next for us for a long time. Our hearts are in Mexico, and now we are closer to Mexico. We can go down there on weekends and jump on house builds or go to the local orphanages and churches. Our hearts are for missions, and we want to be able to be missionaries, but right now this is what God has us doing. Saving money and raising a family. I know this was sudden but I know I will look back at this next year and see how things panned out and smile.
We love all of you who have made an impact in our lives and are excited for us to start this new "chapter"