Whos baby is that?

I guess now that I have my own child, I look at people differently then I did before.
I was at the gym yesterday on the elliptical machine watching people. Creepy?... Yes I'd say so
But I was thinking about "Who's baby were you? What did you look like when you were young? What kind of up bringing did you have?"
There was this man with a big beard and I thought about how maybe his mom use to kiss his soft cheeks when he was little. And a lady with long hair, maybe her mom and dad use to brush it out for her and put bows in it.
Now they are grown up, adults, and most likely not living at home (then again maybe some are).
This made me think about Triston and how he's going to be old one day, Jon called this "mommy thoughts". I think every parent wishes the best for their child. They want them to succeed in every aspect of their life. I get this now that I have a baby. I understand why my parents did the things they did and said the things they did. Because they wanted what was best for me. Sure they said this a million times but I didn't get it, I didn't "feel" the way they felt until now.
Then last night we were watching a show called "Furious Love" (you must google it). It was about how Christians should just love people. Sounds simple enough right? God doesn't say "if you feel like it go love your neighbor". He commands us to. These guys were going into some dark places around the world, the sex trade in Thai Land talking to prostitutes, in Amsterdam at the red light district, and at witch crusades just asking people about their life and if they had anything they needed prayer for. They weren't judging them, they just wanted to minister by loving on them, not preaching the gospel out loud but preaching it by loving on them.
The thing that I couldn't believe was when they were over in Thai Land  they interviewed this guy. He was an American, and they asked him "what do you think about these kids that are sold into prostitution?" he answered them by saying "It's their culture". Their culture? No person, let alone child should be put into the sex trade. That's someones child, someones baby who is out there being taken advantage of.
Later on I read a blog about this lady Kate who helps feed 1600 kids a day and has 13 or 14 little girls she has adopted. She lives in Uganda. Oh and she's 21 years old, forgot to say that. Her whole mission in life is to just love on them, because they are someones child and because God commanded us to love.
A few years ago Jon and I helped out at half way house for native American kids. They were all from different villages around the state of Alaska. We did a series called "Life hurts, God heals". Jon worked with the boys and I with the girls. These girls had all been addicted to either coke, pot, or alcohol and none were over the age of 16. They told me stories about how they were raped by their dads friend, or uncle, and how they would try to numb themselves because of the pain they felt. Im not a certified counselor, and I don't have a degree in anything, but I just loved on them, and they began to open up to me week after week. They told me they didn't want to talk to the councilors there at the half way house because they didn't feel like they could. But they felt comfortable talking to me. And I believe it was because I just loved on them. They were someones baby girl.
When Jon and I were in Mexico we would go to an orphanage every week to just play and show love to these kids. Many of them were there because their moms died during child birth, or their parents were in jail. These kids just wanted hugs, and to sit on your lap. They didn't want the new xbox or the ipod touch, they wanted someone to love on them, to pay attention to them. They didn't want stuff, they wanted love.
I can't imagine having to be that girl who numbs herself because of the pain she feels. Or being sold into prostitution, or that orphan who's mom died in child birth. I can't imagine Triston feeling abandon and unloved. I would want someone to love him like I do. I have a good life, and I want to live my life loving on people who need it. Everyone needs love, that's a fact.
Yesterday my eyes were moved back into the right direction, the direction where I know God wants me to be looking. It's not about the big show at church, or how perfect someone tries to make their life out to be, it's about me, you, us, loving on people who desperately need it. That man with the big beard that use to be someones baby boy, he needs people to show him love. That girl who's been sold into prostitution at the age of 9, she needs someone to show her real genuine love. When Jon and I pray every morning, we asked God to fill us up with his perfect love, so that we will be able to show people love that's unconditional. To love on people who don't have parents who want the best for them and cheer them on in life.
What I'm saying isn't new news, it's been around for a long time. God wants us to get back to the basics and love people. That's what Christianity is all about. Love your Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. 


My 4 favorite recipes

I've had a few people ask if I could blog some of my favorite dishes that I make. They are all pretty easy, and if you have any questions or want a different one let me know!

Lemon Chicken Salad (my go to meal when I don't have a lot of time to cook)
-Dip the uncooked chicken in fresh squeezed lemon juice, then coat both sides in bread crumbs. Cook until the juices run clear
-Put on top of lettuce with fresh Parmesan
-For the dressing-squeeze two fresh lemons into bowl, add spicy mustard to your liking about 2 teaspoons, and 2 tablespoons of good olive oil
There you go! Easy, fresh, and healthy meal. 

Mushroom Barley Moose Stew ( a must have when it's -30 below out!)
-Thaw out moose burger or roast (if roast cut into tiny chunks)
-Chop up 12 ounces of mushrooms, 2 carrots, 1 leek, 1 onion, into crock pot
-Add 6 1/2 cups of vegetable stock
-1 tsp of good olive oil
-Let cook for 8 hours
-Take a cup of barley and cook it for 45 mins in boiling water, then add it to the stew
-Top it off with fresh parsley for garnish 
This makes a lot of stew! 

The Cuban Dish (my sister is the one who started our love for this dish!)
-Brown rice or jasmine rice
-Chop up 2 avocados, 2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, as much broccoli and cauliflower as you desire
-After all the veggies are chopped up, make the sauce that will go on top of it, 2-3 freshly squeezed lemons, 1/2 cup of olive oil, mix together and add pepper-Let sit in fridge for 20 minutes
-1 can of black beans cooked
-Take the rice in a big bowl, then put the beans on top of that, and then the veggies! It's warm and cold at the same time, high in protein! Great if you're on a diet

Grandma Alice's Pie (my brother in laws grandma's pie crust is the best and so easy!)
- 1 cup flour
-1/3 cup butter
-1 Egg
-1/2 tsp vinegar
Mix all these together until it becomes a bunch of tiny balls, then add spoon fulls of ice water until you get all the mixture into a ball- this makes one crust, so you'll have to do it twice
-Put in fridge while you skin the apples
-7-8 granny smith apples skinned and chopped
-In big bowl of apples, add 1/4 cup of sugar (this is why its so good, lots of sugar!)
-Roll out the crusts, add the apples and cover with top crust, cut tiny thin lines in the top
-Bake at 450 for 15 mins with either a crust cover on the edges, or take tinfoil and put it on the edges
-After the 15 mins, turn oven down to 375 for 45 mins without any tinfoil
-When you see it bubbling you know its done!
Enjoy with some french vanilla ice cream and whip cream! 


Our Love Story

I've been trying to think of what to write since I havent in awhile, and the only thing I could come up with was our story and how Jon and I met. 

I've known Jon for a long time, our families have been friends way before we started going out. But it was 2008 when Jon commented on one of my photos on facebook. He was in mexico and I couldn't believe he wrote me, he was way too cute to notice me I thought to myself.
The Sunday after he got back from Mexico (early June 2008) Sherri introduced us once again. We talked for just a second but I thought about him that whole week. He was so cute! haha. So that next Sunday I wanted to look "extra" cute because I wanted to talk to him again. I was getting ready when my sister called me saying she was sick and had to teach kids church and asked if I could teach her class for her. Wait, what? I will miss my chance to talk to him!
After all my kids left the classroom, I jolted out to see if he was still there, and he was :]
I invited him and his brother Stephen (who I was friends with all thru highschool) to go on a hike with me and a few friends. Of course he said yes and I'm pretty sure Stephen just got brought into it so it wouldn't be that awkward.
Like I said in my vows when we got married "The hike started it all, I fell in love with a Wall".
During the hike a huge rain storm came and we got drenched on, all my makeup was washed off and my hair went flat...darn it all, now I look like a drowned rat.

On the way home Jon invited Debbie and I up to their house for some dinner. I couldn't believe it, did Jon Wall really want me to come over?
For some reason, I had to drop Jon off at his car, and my friend Debbie went with him and Stephen stayed with me, but now looking back I understand why. Stephen started asking me "so what do you think about my brother?" What do I think about your brother? He's hot. Of course I didn't say this,I just said "He's really nice" trying to sound all smooth and relaxed.
We ate dinner and played pool all together, and when Debbie and I started to leave it happened, Jon said "Can I have your number? I'd like to hang out with you again, as soon as possible". Did he really just ask me for my number? Jon Wall?!
After the first week of hanging out together, he asked me to be his date to his brothers wedding, and of course I accepted.

This was when I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. He took me out on this deck that was above the river, the sun was out, and he was holding my hand. "I know we are both leaving this fall (I was suppose to be moving to Colorado and he was suppose to be moving back to Mexico) but I want you to be my girlfriend".
We danced that whole night, and  kissed behind these two foot tall wine bottles so my dad wouldn't see.
It was only two weeks after that did we tell each other we loved each other, guess when you know you know.
A few months later we were engaged. Jon surprised me by proposing on a Thursday during the late afternoon at my sister's house. She knew of course, and when we showed up there were flowers everywhere, candles, and music playing, and then there was Jami with the video camera. Jon got down on one knee and confessed his love for me. Glad we got it all on film!
One year later we were married under the big birch tree in my parents yard next to the barn.

Young love
Forever and ever



I'll love you forever
I'll like you always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be

I've been a mom now for 6 1/2 weeks
And I'm loving ever minute of it
From his funny faces, to the way he cuddles me
The late nights and no sleep are worth it
I've been a mom now for 6 1/2 weeks
But I have 2 more babies in heaven
I have been thinking about my two other babies a lot this past week
I had my first miscarriage May 2010
We tried again in September last year
And I had my 2nd miscarriage last year at this time
The pain and confusion on why this happen was overwhelming
We wanted a baby so bad
But now when I think about them, I have a different out look
If I didn't have those two miscarriages, I wouldn't of had Triston with me now
We were nervous on trying to get pregnant again because of the past
But we didn't want fear to rule our lives, and walked in faith that God would protect this one
Jon prayed over my belly every day for "sustainability"
And sustained he was
Triston is such a gift from God
He is perfect to us
I love him more everyday