First week and counting

So I've been a mom for 11 days! Feels a lil longer than that, in a good way. I waited 9 months wondering what he was going to look like, now I can't think of him looking any different. I'm loving being a mom, the late nights and no sleep are all worth it

Jon and I were so happy to get out of that hospital! They almost kept us an extra day because he was a bit jaundice, but they let us go into the clinic the next day instead. Thanks goodness! I felt like I was in an institution or something. I couldn't leave, I could barely walk, to talk to someone I had to ring them and talk into the wall. I wasn't one of those girls who loved the hospital. Jon said the food was worse than jail food (how does he know this? haha).
First night at home was a bit scary, I think every new parent feels that. But Triston slept really good, woke up about every 1 1/2 -2 hours to nurse. The first week was pretty much sleep, eat, poop, eat, sleep...now this week its sleep, poop, eat, cry, sleep. So a new thing! He is a bit colicky around 3am-6am. I feel so bad, but he wont burp after he eats and we've tried everything, so I know that trapped gas hurts him. I called his doctor to ask what I can do and am waiting the return call. 
I'm having to learn everything I can eat and can't...note to self - I cannot eat tomatoes, chili, beans, or spicy foods. I guess those are givens but i didn't know!
One nice thing after having him was my back paint went completely away! Having constant back pain for 3 months straight then to have none was amazing. I've lost 30lbs now, and only 10 more to go if I wanna get back down to pre-baby weight. Who knows if i'll make it back down there or not. Thanks mom for the good genes!
This past week was both our  moms birthdays, and we said we trumped everyone else gifts cuz we gave them a grandson! I've had a lot of help from my mom and husband with him, so I can't thank them enough! People have been bringing us food, and bread, a lot of bread, which is yummy just funny!
Waking up smelling like B.O, pee, and spoiled milk is pretty funny. I had my first pair of dark circles under my eyes yesterday, guess 4 hours off and on of sleep every night catches up to even the young moms like me. Did I mention how much laundry I am now going thru? I feel so ignorant not knowing I was going to be doing laundry pretty much every other day. 
The other morning around 4am I was having a moment, soft music was playing, and i was looking down at my son looking back up at me. He has the sweetest face ever and I started to cry because of the love I have for him. As I am crying thinking about how perfect he is, he begins to poop and fart like crazy. I laughed pretty hard about this! Been peed on pretty much everyday, and Jon even got pooped on haha. Triston has the cutest expressions ever, and I know i'm his mom so I think he's just perfect but come on, he is!
Jon and I are so happy to have him here finally! We love him more then anything and now have a whole new lease on life. Living for someone besides yourself feels so good. This is a new adventure, pretty much most over used statement but this is a new chapter in our life, and it's been amazing. And I only look forward to what is yet to come.


Triston is here!

Triston is here!! I figured I should just write a blog about what happened...so here we go!!!

It was yesterday morning Friday the 16th at 6:15am when I woke to my water breaking.It wasn't a ton of water so I wasn't sure if I just tell Jon or wait a second...so I waited and got some coffee and we laid in bed together. I finally said in a calm voice "Okay, babe, don't freak out but my water just broke". Jon said "WHAT?! Call your mother, wait no call your doctor, you're mom will freak out".
When we got to the hospital they did some tests to see if it was my water and it was and I was admitted around 9am. They started me on pitosin right away because my contractions were 5 minutes apart. My contractions increased to 2 minutes apart from then on.The lady who took my blood did not know what she was doing. The first time she took two vials of blood and dropped them, so she tried getting blood out of another vain that she couldn't find and poked around until she gave up and took blood out of the same vain that I had at first (thats a big no no I hear now).
Around noon I started walking and they upped my dosage again and my contractions were about 1 1/2 apart and on a scale of 20 being the baseline they got up to 90-120. This lasted until 4:40pm when I finally asked for an epidural...and boy did that not feel good! I've never had a catheter go up into my spine but I'm glad I had it!
I finally had relief from the pain until 8pm when my whole right side woke up. I have never been thru such bad pain before. They didn't want to turn my pitosin down because I was only at 2 cen, so I kept having horrible contractions every 2 minutes. The doctor finally came in around 9:30 to give me some more epidural stuff to try to get me feeling a lil better. By this time my body was so tired from being in active labor for more then 12 hours.
I was freaking out I was going to have to have a c-section because I still hadn't dilated. My nurse was the sweetest woman ever and kept saying "no we will have this baby!" She kept turning me side to side then put my head way down and my feet way up in the air. They checked me for shoots and giggles around 1030 and praise the Lord I was at an 8! We all freaked out!
At 11pm I started to push, with Jon, my mom, and Sherri all watching. My dad and Jon's dad stood in the back of the room. Man there is nothing glamorous about child birth I can now tell you that (sherri filmed the whole thing and took lots of pictures, which I haven't been able to look at yet haha). My mom had my sister Jami on FaceTime so she could watch and "be there" with me.
Jon coached me the whole time, he would tell me when to push, count, then when to breath. He was so sweet. I really wanted Triston on the 16th because it sounded better to me then that 17th. Everyone thought I was going to be pushing for at least another hour, but to everyones surprise I got him out at 11:56pm! 4 minutes till haha. That first cry was amazing, best sound ever.
I don't think Jon and I have ever cried so much after he came out. We all guessed he was going to be a big baby but no one guessed he'd be 8.7lbs and 21 1/2 inches long. He's beautiful, and is doing great. We get to leave the hospital tomorrow which I'm so happy about! I hate the hospital and the food here, and this stinking bed was made for a short woman, my feet have been hanging off them for two days now and I'm only 5'8'!
Thank you to everyone who prayed, we felt the prayers and we feel Triston is the biggest gift from God. We've wanted a baby for so long and now that he's here it's surreal. I have never fell in love so fast before. Jon and I both are just head over heals in love with him and even more in love with each other. We created life...that's such an amazing feeling...


A season of Change

So my title may be a bit corny, but it's so true. We are in for one of the biggest seasons of change....OUR FIRST BABY!

I never thought of doing a blog until my sister in law (Allison) kept telling me I should, so here I am, and here you are reading this...are you reading this? Is anyone reading this?
Okay back to this season of change thing. I'm in my 39th week of pregnancy right now, back pain like no other, and swollen feet and fingers (first day I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring, sad). I've been having contractions for 4 weeks now, yes real contractions not those wussy braxton hicks that I thought were so bad at first. 5 of my friends have had their babies now in the past 3 months before me..and I'm the last one..We are both so ready to meet our lil guy and hold him in our arms. I really thought I'd have him yesterday since there was a full moon and you know what they say about full moons and pregnant ladies...it equals BABIES! But the full moon has come and is now waning and I'm still pregnant. Can you tell I'm really ready to have him? Everyday people say "Oh my gosh you are so pregnant" and I want to be unchristian like and tell them "REALLY? I AM?! Holy Crap!" with sarcasm dripping off my tongue..but I am good and say "Yeah...I am" and smile. Oh man any day now and I could have him, I feel like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off, and I feel like that's how my family sees me...they watch me...really just my mom and mother in law Sherri...waiting for something to happen. Will it be like a scene out of a movie, where my water breaks in public and an old man falls down and breaks a hip because of my water, or will I go 42 weeks and the doctors have to break my water and induce me...only time will tell...

Jon and I have been married for 2 years and a week now, and it went by so fast yet feels like we've been together for a really long time. I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend. We don't only love each other we always say, we LIKE each other and we like to be around each other. Everyday since I've been pregnant this time (I had two miscarriages last year) Jon has prayed over my belly for "sustainability". I believe that God has given us this great gift that we both wanted so bad. Every morning we read devotionals and pray together over a cup or two of coffee, and every night we drink our tea in bed and tell each other the high-lows of the day. Those are the two things I look forward to the most everyday. I love him very much if you can't tell.

So these two love birds are ready for their egg to hatch and welcome Triston into the nest! Oh yeah that's his name, Triston Jonathan Wall "Bold Gift from God" is what his name means.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning 22, nothing too special that goes with turning 22, guess it's easy to type out...22..yup very easy just have to hit that button twice. I'd love to have him on my birthday, that would be extra special if Triston came tomorrow.

Well I hope I didn't put you to sleep but if I did then you don't have to read anymore of my posts again, I'll let you off the hook. But I better go be a good wife and fold some laundry and get dinner started. On tonights menu is my lemon breaded chicken over salad with homemade dressing. It's very yummy!